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Our Baby Has a What?

The Call  My husband and I were in Chicago for a short getaway while pregnant with baby #2. I got a call that no mother-to-be wants to hear. My doctor called and explained to me that after our 20 week scan, she had a chance to review the ultrasound and was concerned because our unborn […]

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I’ll Be Back

I’ll be back, I promise. Pregnancy has caused me to become a person even I don’t recognize. My husband is probably terrified of his wife, who he agreed to have and to hold for better or for worse, is gone forever. Luckily, pregnancy is just temporary and I will return to my normal self once […]

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Working With Doulas – Part 1 of 2: Debunking Doulas

Aside from my doctor, the only two people I wanted in the delivery room were my partner and our doulas. Though I’m generally quite private, having our doulas’ support through the most vulnerable and intimate times in my life has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. In this two-part series, I’ll first […]

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