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Top 18 of 2017 | Madison Moms Blog

Top 18 Posts of 2017 | Madison Moms Blog 2017 was another fun year for us at Madison Moms Blog! Since our launch in 2013, we have published (literally) thousands of articles written by local moms in our community. Some topics are lighthearted, some more serious, some funny, some resourceful - but all are written [...]
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Mom Guilt – How Do You Play With Your Children?

Do you “play” with your children? Or do you “play” with you children enough is the question? Are you engaging in activities such as Barbies, Legos, GI Joe, dolls, or games on a daily basis? When you do, do you feel that it is enough? I have recently had this empowering guilt, now that my […]

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Hope When It’s Hopeless

I had a biology teacher that when asked by a classmate if he and his wife had kids replied with “we aren’t having kids, we don’t want to bring kids into a world like this”. I remember thinking what a sad and dismal way to see the world. I was a self declared optimist and […]

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Unfiltered: Kids Edition

Kids say surprisingly insightful things. They say hilarious things sometimes, often when they are completely serious. We often hear our kids’ conversations and want to be able to remember them. They are young enough that they are always honest and true to themselves. And their interpretations of new concepts and ideas are wonderful, not to […]

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Rub a Dub Dub – Do You Really Need a Tub?

I can remember my first daughter’s bath in the hospital. The nurse came in, showed us how to bathe a newborn. She seemed to enjoy it- didn’t cry once. We came home from the hospital and settled in to our routine, and when the first bath time rolled around, we bathed her in the kitchen […]

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Just The One

“Just the one.” And there it is… the “look” that always paints a fellow moms face as I respond to her asking how many children I have. An awkward silence trails my response as we try to find a way out of this newly created dead space – her wondering if she should pry further […]

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Gifts That Take Up No Space

My family doesn’t need any gifts of things take up more space. Does yours? We don’t need more marbles or marble runs (the things that my son plays with constantly). We don’t need more games. I don’t need more kitchen stuff. My husband probably doesn’t need more CDs. I often try to think of gifts […]

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Event Preview: Cookies with Santa

We are so excited for Cookies with Santa presented by Festival Foods and SSM Health! A few notes about the big event! The event is SOLD OUT and you must have a ticket to attend, unfortunately we are unable to sell tickets to SOLD OUT events at the door. Thanks for understanding! Registration: Our goal […]

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What I’m Thankful for Right Now

I love the attitude of gratitude that November brings as the Thanksgiving holiday draws near. While I have started a gratitude journal in the past, I’ve never kept up with it beyond the first week. So, I enjoy taking time out this month to reflect upon all of the many things I am grateful for […]

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