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The Small Victories

This blog post started as something so different than it has morphed into. My intention was to write a helpful, upbeat account of how I designed and implemented such a flawless cleaning routine in my home that I am nearly always caught up on housework… and you can be too, I’ll tell you how!!! I […]

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The Guilt of Staying at Home

The Guilt of Staying at Home

Truth – Being a stay-at-home mom/parent is not the hardest job. Being a parent is the hardest job. But compared to a full-time job outside the home, my current gig is pretty sweet. I’m feeling some guilt over having the privilege of being able to stay at home for the moment.    Working Woes I […]

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To Post or Not to Post?

When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby, we talked about all kinds of options that we found ourselves faced with. Names, birth options, feeding, sleeping arrangements, childcare, finding out (or not!) the gender. It all can be pretty overwhelming, but we had nine months to talk about our shared […]

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Broken Foot, Thrown Back, Todder

A Broken Foot, a Thrown Back, and a Toddler

Whoa. Am I ready for spring! This was a rough winter. No, wait, let me try that again. Looking back, this was the crappiest winter of my life. There. That’s much more accurate. I spent November and December in a walking cast, healing a stress fracture in my foot. Then, finally feeling better, one Sunday after […]

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Whatever You Do, Stay Off the Roller Coaster!

I’ve never been a fan of roller coasters. I’m just not that into paying money to get strapped into a contraption and get thrown around space. Like most moms, my daily life can be wild enough. Lately, I’ve thought about the way that we handle life’s ups and downs. When it comes to relating to […]

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The ABCs of Raising Teens

Musings and encouragement (some humorous, some painfully true) from a mom who has survived 3 teenagers simultaneously the past 3 years (and hoping I didn’t totally screw them up — fingers crossed!) A is for asking open-ended questions (you gotta try to get them to talk) B is for beating yourself up (cuz ya’ will, […]

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How To Be Fearless in a Frightening World

I have a love-hate relationship with the news. I like to be informed about what’s happening in my community and throughout the world, but with the need-to-know information comes everything else. Natural disasters, mass shootings and other violence galore. The only thing that surprises me anymore is that I’m still surprised to find out another […]

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Kk and Mama

Holding On With a High Needs Baby

I had a unrealistic idea of motherhood before I had my sweet girl 3 years ago. I envisioned quiet nights rocking her to sleep gently and laying her down in her picture perfect Pottery Barn crib. I dreamed of our days filled with baby giggles after a simple game of peek-a-boo. I surely would take […]

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