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Beware of Dog (Will Make You Love It)

When I met my now husband we would dream of our life together; there was no question that we would have a dog. When we got married we moved into our first home – literally with a white picket fence – which in our minds just needed a puppy.  Hubby researched what type of breed would be good for […]

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Our Favorite Books to Read Together

Books have always been a big part of my life and reading is one of my favorite pastimes. That is why I was so excited when I realized just how much my child loves to read too! Experts recommend reading to children at a very young age, to help with language development and teach important […]

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The Reality of Being a Girl Mom

You always here people saying “oh he’s such a mama’s boy” or “she is such a daddy’s girl”. Even down to the clothes, when you walk into the store you’ll see all the cute little onesies that says daddy’s princess or mommy’s handsome little man. Now what happens when your children are all the same […]

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The Guilt In Accepting Help

Before the arrival of our second son, a short sixteen months after taking his brother home, I worried a lot about how I would manage having a newborn and a toddler who had recently learned how to walk. I remembered being stuck under my firstborn for what seemed like hours on end nursing. While doing […]

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Today I Had “That” Kid

Well, it finally happened. Today for the first time I faced an episode at the grocery store with my two-year-old son that I couldn’t diffuse. He didn’t throw a temper tantrum or have a meltdown of some kind that could be fixed with a cookie bribe. My sweet and amazing boy just felt the need […]

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Times they are a-changin’ in my life: College-age daughter has her own apartment, oldest son is graduating from high school next month, and the youngest is taking driver’s education. The other day I was thinking how the house was quiet. Part of me breathed a sigh of relief and relished the calm. But then I […]

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Safety First: These Child Locks Were Game Changers

Safety First: These Child Locks Were Game Changers

Disclaimer: The opinions within this post are strictly mine. This is not a Madison Mom’s Blog sponsored post. Child safety locks are must for all parents. Yes, they’re a pain in the butt, but unfortunately at some point your curious infant/toddler will begin to open and close cabinets, and you’re going to need to find […]

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Summer “School”

The warm weather is finally here! I’m so excited to get outside with my kids and enjoy the weather. My job allows me to stay at home a few days a week in the summer and hang out with my kids. I love the idea of letting my kids have time to just be kids, […]

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