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Bumper Cars

Hustling. Running the rat race. Getting our life together. Having it all. Work life balance. We are all doing it. Or rather, we are all trying to do it.  And it’s complete crap. I think the biggest fallacy of adulthood is the idea that it is a destination. It just isn’t. You never “arrive” to a point […]

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Mamma, Eat Cookie

“Mamma, eat cookie,” exclaimed my two-year-old son one evening as we relaxed in the living room watching television. And while it sounded more like, “Mamma, ee cootah,” I knew what my toddler meant as he handed me one of his prized Oreo cookies. He was sharing with me, all on his own. This unprompted gesture […]

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When Traveling Goes Wrong

My husband and I were never super into traveling, but we love to go visit family and attend important events with families and friends. When we had kids, we weren’t going to let that stop us from traveling to do the things that we wanted to do, plus we thought it would be nice for […]

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The (not so) Dirty Life

Do you ever stop in at your friends house in the middle of the day, and are in shock that it seems to be clean and tidy? She has the same amount of kids, and the same size home, but somehow your home is covered in sticky walls, toys in the halls, shoes covering the […]

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Backpacks, and Pencils, and Notebooks – Oh My!

It is officially August. Officially the time when summer activities start to wind down, and people look ahead to another academic year. It is a time of transitions for those who have children. It doesn’t matter the age – all children struggle with going back to school. Here are some ideas to help make that […]

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A Letter to My Baby As She Starts Kindergarten

Dear Sweet Baby Girl,  Okay, so maybe you aren’t quite a baby any more. Every time I blink – you get bigger. And every time I pause for a moment, you are using bigger words (like loquacious… what?!) and learning empathy and doing math and solving problems. So, while I know you aren’t technically a […]

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