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Careful, but Not Too Careful

I’m a planner. Always have been, but when I became a parent, I quickly learned that I couldn’t plan everything (even when I tried). I’ve always enjoyed researching, reading different perspectives on parenting, and I know that being a helicopter parent won’t do my kids any favors. With all the unpredictable things that can happen, […]

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I Am Not Defined by My Mental Health

I have depression…and anxiety for that matter. It seems like depression comes with a stigma. One that makes it seem as if I should walk around with the word depressed tattooed on my forehead. Depression comes in all shapes and forms. Everyone has different triggers and different signs. I have heard the comments made, “If […]

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Making the Bed

  I have had the same process for the last 3 years every weekend that my girls go to their Dad’s house. After they leave I go to their bedrooms. I begin by gathering all their dirty clothes and bedding, and do 2 loads of laundry. While they wash I go through and clean up […]

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Things That Surprised Me About Becoming a Mom

As I think about my daughter’s upcoming first birthday in late April (wow, how did we get here already?!?), I’m finding that there are definitely some things that surprised me this first year of parenthood. Endless Worry  There’s definitely an element of anxiety and tendency to worry that has been magnified in my personality since […]

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Chivalry in Motherhood

Have you ever heard of the term chivalry?  Today, I would like to talk about chivalry but I will call it “modern chivalry in motherhood” or “kindness in motherhood”  I strongly believe in today’s society that admirable behavior is an attractive quality in one’s personality. The choice to do the right things, for the right reasons, at the […]

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Twin Diagnosis: A family’s story of cancer survival

Twins have a special bond, and Jakob and Channing Nielson are no exception. As inseparable best friends, they share a love of playing and wrestling together, and as Wisconsin-raised 10 year olds, they also share a love for the Badgers. But what the family never dreamed they would share was a leukemia diagnosis. I recently […]

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The Benefit of Disappointment & 7 Ways to Respond to It

dis·ap·point·ment disəˈpointmənt/ noun 1. the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations. “to her disappointment, she was given a yellow spoon instead of a pink one” synonyms: sadness, regret, dismay, sorrow   a person, event, or thing that causes disappointment. plural noun: disappointments “the job proved a disappointment” […]

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The Small Victories

This blog post started as something so different than it has morphed into. My intention was to write a helpful, upbeat account of how I designed and implemented such a flawless cleaning routine in my home that I am nearly always caught up on housework… and you can be too, I’ll tell you how!!! I […]

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The Guilt of Staying at Home

The Guilt of Staying at Home

Truth – Being a stay-at-home mom/parent is not the hardest job. Being a parent is the hardest job. But compared to a full-time job outside the home, my current gig is pretty sweet. I’m feeling some guilt over having the privilege of being able to stay at home for the moment.    Working Woes I […]

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