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Calling All Control Freaks!

As a working mom who travels for work, I’m a 100% self-diagnosed control freak who has the house humming along in a certain way when I’m home. What happens when I’m gone though is what I want to talk about and has taken me years to acknowledge. When I’m traveling, my husband and kids have […]

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I’ve been told angels are beings who are sent from up above.  To watch over and protect us. To give us unending love.  Each person has an angel, one we cannot see.  They watch over us day and night through all eternity. They are beautiful heavenly creatures filled with enduring care and grace.  And in […]

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Picture Books: Keep Reading to Older Kids

The past few months, I’ve really struggled to make sure to read aloud to my son. Right now my mid-elementary school son is fully engrossed in his own reading of lots of chapter books, graphic novels, and tons of non-fiction titles (here’s looking at you every volume of The Guiness Book of World Records). He never […]

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To the Families of Summer

Melting snow and glimpses of warmer weather — hooray! — especially for young parents starting to think about summer (I mean, living in cold, cold weather – we gotta have something to look forward to when we haven’t seen the sun for weeks). I can remember being overwhelmed when my children were in elementary school […]

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Kid Math: When MORE Kids Equals LESS Work

Let’s talk about one of the weirdest universal truths of parenthood: kid math. I am not talking about some new addition strategy your elementary schooler has to teach you so you can help them with their homework. Although, believe me, I have been there. It’s actually kind of amazing to have your nine-year-old open their […]

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I Still See You

I Still See You

I know it’s hard to stay connected as a couple when your kids are little. They suck so much of your time, energy, and spirit from you on a daily basis. It feels like weeks can go by without us having much time together. But I want you to know that I still see you. […]

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Chivalry in Motherhood

Have you ever heard of the term chivalry?  Today, I would like to talk about chivalry but I will call it “modern chivalry in motherhood” or “kindness in motherhood”  I strongly believe in today’s society that admirable behavior is an attractive quality in one’s personality. The choice to do the right things, for the right reasons, at the […]

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