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Cheesy Cauliflower Bites

Cauliflower is surprisingly good for you. For a vegetable pretty much void of color, it’s loaded with amazing nutrition including fiber, vitamin C (77% of your recommended daily needs in one serving), vitamin K, protein, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, vitamin B6, folate, potassium, and manganese and many more. This recipe turns an awesome vegetable into […]

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Clementine Morning Smoothie

This smoothie is a beautiful way to wake yourself up and head out for your day. It may be a day filled with wrangling toddlers or endless meetings and it’s bound to be day that you need A LOT of energy for (considering you’re a parent). Just the bright citrus smell is enough to give […]

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Mom Lessons Learned

As a former fist grade teacher, I know birthdays are a big deal. As a mom of a daughter with a summer birthday, I understand the importance of the 1/2 birthday celebration. I ask my daughter what she would like to bring to school for her half birthday. She requests sprinkle cupcakes with whipped frosting. […]

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Meal Tips

Meal Tips for People Who Hate Cooking

Cooking used to be a bit of a four-letter word at our house. Neither my partner nor I particularly enjoy it, and when you combine our general disinterest with time constraints and picky palates, cooking becomes a chore. Though I don’t think I’ll ever full-on love cooking, I definitely don’t mind it anymore, so I […]

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Melted Butter: Owning My Mess

On a recent Friday when my son did not have school, we had a set agenda we’d decided on together the night before: bake cookies, play with a friend, workout (for me!), ride our bikes (nearly 7 miles round trip in 90 degree weather) to get frozen yogurt, and watch a requested movie.  Nowhere in […]

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Pumpkin Recipe Round-Up

Well it’s here…Autumn. And despite the fact I let go of summer kicking and screaming, “We never made it to the beach or had a lemonade stand”, I have started to get excited about the seasonal produce coming my way. Pumpkin is pretty much the star of autumn, leaving butternut squash and yams in it’s […]

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ice cream

Ice Cream: Summer’s NOT Over Yet

Summer is NOT over. Despite what the retail stores want you to believe with their end of summer clearance sales. Despite what the craft stores want you to believe with pumpkins, colorful leaves, and scarecrows everywhere. Despite what the messages from your child’s school are making you believe. Despite what some websites and Facebook pages […]

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