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Toddler Craft: Make A Fall Wreath

The changing colors can make Madison so magical around the fall. Hopefully you’re able to get out and enjoy it! The next time you head out on a nature walk or play in the backyard, why not encourage your toddler to pick the prettiest leaves to collect for a craft? Here is a super fun […]

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The Blessing of Forcing Myself to Host

I’m not a naturally hospitable person.  I’m friendly and I can easily make conversation, but inviting people into my space doesn’t come easily.  In fact, it is very difficult.  It rattles me.  It stresses me.  I overthink everything and suddenly feel insufficient and frustrated at my lack of skill.  I feel self-conscious as I view […]

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Easy Homemade Spa Products

From cracked cuticles to dry, over-styled hair to mom-tired skin I am no stranger to needing a spa day (or 3).  Here are a few recipes to give yourself a spa day at home. Affordable and all natural pampering! So send your significant other off with the kiddos or lock yourself in the bathroom and […]

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DIY Bunny Garland

Here’s an easy, but adorable DIY Bunny Garland you can do with your kiddos to help make your home a little festive for Easter!  The great thing is you can customize this garland with what you got lying around or head on over to a craft store for minimal items. Materials Needed:  Paper/cardstock, bunny template, […]

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Repurpose Jewels

  I love costume jewelry! Statement necklaces are very popular and you can find everywhere. At around $10-20 for a necklace expectations of longevity are irrelevant.  When one of them breaks of course I am bummed but instead of tossing the jewelry have you considered repurposing? Have you lost one of your favorite earrings and hope […]

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Simple Tips for Better Photos on your Smartphone

One of my favorite sayings is “The best camera is the one you have”. In today’s age of amazing technology just about everyone has a smartphone with a pretty amazing camera. I have a professional full frame camera that I use for clients and for my family. But, when I don’t feel like lugging it […]

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15 Busy Bags for Busy Toddlers

Toddlers are BUSY! They rarely keep still for more than a few minutes, get into EVERYTHING and need to be watched with a cautious eye. Busy bags are a great way to keep a toddler entertained and out of trouble! I have searched for several ideas online and made up a few while finding supplies […]

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