Bucky Book :: What’s New & Why We Love It

The 2017/18 Bucky Book is now available and better than ever! As parents, we are always looking for ways to entertain our families and also ways to save a few dollars here and there – all while shopping local and support local businesses! The Bucky Book supports all of that and more. When my family first moved to Wisconsin five years ago, we were gifted a Bucky Book. Since I had never seen anything like it – I spent that better part of the afternoon flipping through page after page of deals from local businesses. There were many businesses that I was not yet familiar with given that we were new to the area. It gave us a chance to further acclimate ourselves with the community – plus we immediately saved money! We saved $50 on the first coupon that we used and it was on something that we would have been purchasing anyway (a hotel stay for family coming into town to visit!) That was just the first of many discounts that we used throughout the year. 

With 50% savings at over 300 local businesses, including MANY kid and family friendly places like: Mattel, Stride Rite, Play N Wisconsin, Madison Children’s Museum, Vitense, Little Amerricka, bowling,  Gymfinity, Rockin’ Jump, Play N Wisconsin, Noah’s Ark, WI Dells, family friendly restaurants & much much more, the book easily pays for itself with just a few redemptions!

And Bucky Book also gives back to the community in a tremendous way – Bucky Book was born 25 years ago as a fundraising initiative for hundreds of local worthy organizations and University of Wisconsin Badger Athletics and Bucky Grants. Since then they have raised over $3,500,000 for local organizations that need it most. Now that’s pretty amazing! A book that benefits the community, benefits the consumer (you and me!), benefits local businesses and also helps connect local businesses and consumers. 

So the next time you are trying to come up with a gift for the person who already has everything (or for yourself!), think no further than the Bucky Book! The 2017/18 edition is available now and is good through September 30, 2018. 

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