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If you love Farmers Markets and shopping local and having fresh, outstanding flavor – then you will LOVE Brennan’s Market! Brennan’s is Wisconsin based with five locations throughout the state, including two in Madison (how lucky are we?!) Having moved to Madison just a few years ago from out of state, I wasn’t familiar with the Brennan’s brand – but would regularly drive by their location on the west side of Madison (near The Princeton Club – west). Finally I decided that I needed to check it out and have been hooked ever since! From their fresh flowers to their ultra fresh produce (straight from the producer), it truly feels like I’m shopping at a Farmers Market each time I go in there.

Their store is unique and their customer service and brand values are second to none. And this time of year is my absolute favorite! Right now (for a limited time) they have Michigan Blueberries and Chin Drippin’ California Peaches. By mid-August they will also have Chin Drippin’ Idaho Peaches (which are some of the very best!) My family already stocked up on the famous blueberries and peaches – we buy 20 lbs of the Michigan Blueberries each summer and freeze what we don’t use right away. Fortunately blueberries freeze really well – in fact my kids will even ask to eat them frozen! Here’s a convenient 4 step guide to freezing the berries.

pexels-photo-24119-largeFresh produce and flowers aren’t the only thing Brennan’s is known for. The first time my husband walked into their store he was immediately sold by their huge selection of micro-brews and Wisconsin Cheeses. I have to admit – I’m not originally from Wisconsin so I had no idea that SO MANY cheeses even existed – but if it exists – Brennan’s probably has it! Their Artisanal Wisconsin Cheese Collection features the classics like Aged Cheddars, Swiss Cheese, creamy Cheese Spreads, and, of course, squeaky Cheese Curds! They also work with cheesemakers to create unique and tasty varieties just for their stores. Some of their creations include: Basil Farmer, Cranberry Colby, Black Olive Havarti & Apple-Cinnamon Cheddar. Hand-selected, aged, cut and packaged at their New Glarus location and sent to their 5 stores!

So if you love the freshest produce around and if you love beer, cheese, wine & specialty foods and if you love fresh flowers and if you love to shop local…. then you will LOVE shopping at Brennan’s!

Brennan’s Market is located in Madison at:

5533 University Ave – Madison, WI (Central)

8210 Watts Rd – Madison, WI (West)

And just because you are probably wondering what I do with ALL THOSE blueberries, here is something that my kids love and that packs tons of nutrition in their little bodies while they think they are having a treat! This is my own simple creation and sometimes we switch things up, but the kids could eat this every day!

Peach Berry Smoothie

Frozen Blueberries
Frozen Peaches
Frozen Strawberries
1/4 C of Frozen Kale
1/2 C of Vanilla Greek Yogurt
1 C Apple Juice

***Optional – toss in some flax seed or Chia seeds for a little extra nutrition – the kids won’t even know it’s in there!

FullSizeRenderOne extra tip – we buy the blueberries and peaches in bulk from Brennan’s and then freeze them in gallon zip lock bags. We pre-slice the peaches before putting them in the bags & freezing.


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