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Explore Madison while being a guest in your own city!

How often do you recommend places to try and things to see in Madison for other people, yet you only do them when you have company in town? Madison has so many fabulous findings from unique restaurants to a big cat rescue.

Break away from your weekend routine and stay within your budget.  Vacations do not have to cost a lot of money. Why not plan a weekend in the city you live in?

  • Go to the other side of town. If you live on the West side check out the East side for a change.
  • Parent getaway without the children with not venturing too far from home.
  • Girlfriend getaway, check out a spa for the day and grab dinner
  • Scrapbook or craft weekend with friends
  • Escape to an indoor pool to pretend its summer! Plus it’s a great way to let your youngsters burn off some energy

Working in the travel industry I’m the first to admit I love to be able to find a good deal! I would like to share this excellent deal for weekend getaways right in our very backyard. With 9 hotel’s to choose from, pick what works best for you!

Here are some ideas of things to do while exploring Mad Town:

Head West


Head East

Hampton Pool

Hampton Inn Madison West Kid Friendly Pool

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