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Disclosure: So happy to share this blog post I created as a Suave Kids partner. The Disney, Frozen and Star Wars trademarks are used by Unilever pursuant to a license agreement with The Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved.


There are few things my kids enjoy more in life right now than sprinkles on their ice cream sundaes, stickers (on everything) and Queen Elsa and her little sis Anna. That’s why when I learned that Suave Kids was debuting a new product line featuring Frozen characters, I knew my kids would be over the moon. 

In our house, bath time is a chance for the kids to embrace their imaginations and to relax after a busy day of being a preschooler. It’s more than just getting clean – so anything we can do to add an element of excitement is usually a win/win! When my kids first saw the Suave Kids products with Elsa, Anna & Olaf they were ecstatic. Seriously – ECSTATIC. Suave Kids offers gentle products that are specifically formulated for kids and the bright packing of the Suave Kids Disney collection makes bath time a fun adventure.  

The collection features fun, fresh scents including Disney Frozen Elsa 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner in Berry Flurry; Disney Frozen Olaf 2-in-1 Shampoo + Body Wash in Icy Grape; and Disney Frozen Anna Detangler Spray in Sparkle Berry. The Detangler Spray is 110% mom-approved at my house and made my 5 year old daughter’s curly hair much more manageable. Brushing her hair after a bath (or anytime really…) is a struggle because her hair is VERY curly — I can honestly attest that this is the first detangling spray that has really helped tackle the knots & tangles without making her flinch. Not only that, but since it’s called ‘Sparkle Berry’, she is certain that I am spraying sparkles in her hair… which she LOVES! (There are NOT actually sparkles in the spray… but she loves to imagine that there are!) 

In addition to the products doing the trick of making the kids clean and smelling fresh, they definitely add a layer of fun and excitement to bath time. My 5 year old likes to imagine that the Elsa Shampoo + Conditioner gives her ‘icy powers’ and my three year old pretends like the Body Wash is turning her into a ‘baby snow monster’. We love anything that makes bath time less of a chore and more of a treat — so in addition to having these fun products, we also sometimes shut off lights and add glow sticks to the mix. Other times, we use bath paints and bath crayons. And on occasion they get to use a color tablet to turn the water a special color. And maybe, just maybe, next time we will include a Frozen dance party after they dry off – because hey, sometimes we just have to ‘Let it Go’ and make everything in life a celebration!

All Suave products are dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested to make bath time and styling tear-free (pretty important for those of us with young kids!)

Suave Kids is sold locally at Walmart and Target. In addition to the Frozen collection – there is also a line of Star Wars bath products! For purchase information, click here

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