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Fall is arriving and something I always look forward to is fall fashion. I also adore dressing my toddler in cute clothes, so as you can imagine, shopping in September can be dangerous for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

This year we thought it would be fun to put together some really great fall outfits with the help of a few awesome stores in Madison! If you are like me, you like to dress your kids in cute clothes (who doesn’t?!), but I also need the clothes to wash well and hold up over time. These awesome stores gave us some fun options that you might not know about! The Seventeen Radish in Verona was our gracious host- if you haven’t been there- GO! So many fun and educational activities for your littles!

Matilda Jane Clothing is a unique clothing line and full of bright and colorful options for little girls. I really appreciate their craftsmanship as well as the fact that they do a great job of age appropriate clothing for girls. They also have tons of options to layer and mix and match. These clothes photograph beautifully, so that’s an obvious bonus for the photographer in me! They have interesting and gorgeous pieces, I love this company!

Here the girls are dressed in Matilda Jane (local trunk keeper is Nicole Mihalas) (bow headband from Bean and Bubs).

toddler fashion madison wiย toddler fashion madison wi

Playthings in Hilldale mall in Madison was great to give us outfits from the Tea Collection. Again, very fun, bright and durable pieces. Also-super soft! Perfect for preschool or a playdate at the park.ย Tea Collection Dress and Leggings from Playthings. Headband from Matilda Jane.

toddler fashion madison wiOld Navy is a store that comes to my mind when thinking of toddler clothes right away-so it was no surprise that they chose such adorable outfits for our little models! Loving the layered look, esspecially since this fall weather is chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon.ย Under Luke’s button up from Old Navy is an adorable tee from a local etsy shop Aptakisic. Vest, long sleeve button up, pants and shoes are from Old Navy.ย Emma’s outfit is all from Old Navy-bow from Bean and Bubs.

toddler fashion madison wiย toddler fashion madison wi

I really like supporting small businesses and This Pretty is one that I am happy to know about! She makes clothing for your little sports fan and can make them for any team!

Toddler Fall Fashion AptakisicTee Toddler Fall Fashion

Ava’s rocking her Wisconsin Badgers long sleeve tee (and a Little Me Bling headband!) Owen has on his adorable Packers tie tee. Nora is supporting Iowa and Iowa State in her ‘split household’ long sleeved onsie! I really like how these look-your kiddo is sure to get lots of compliments!

Another local Etsy shop is Aptakisic. I was pleased to come across them because they have some really hip designs for your little one (and you!).

toddler fashion madison wi

Luke is really looking adorable in this super soft and simple camera t-shirt fromย Aptakisic (which of course-I love). Love the mustard bowtie from Bean and Bubs that finishes off the look.

toddler fashion madison wi

Thanks again to The Seventeeth Radish for having us for this photo session and playtime! Ava is in her Tea Collection outfit from Playthings, headband from Matilda Jane. Luke’s pants are from the Tea Collection at Playthings, shirt from Aptakisic and bowtie from Bean and Bubs.

Here’s a recap of the stores mentioned in this post!

Bean and Bubs


This Pretty

Matilda Jane (local Trunk Keeper, Nicole Mihalas)


Old Navy

The Seventeenth Radish

Now you’re all ready to send your toddler off for an adventure!!

toddler fall fashion

Luke is wearing his Tea Collection outfit from Playthings, Emma in Old Navy and Bean and Bubs, Owen in This Pretty Packers tee and Ava in This Pretty Badgers tee.

Know what is even better than just looking at these adorable clothes?! Winning them! Check out these amazing giveaways and have a chance to win something for your little one!


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    LOVE Matilda Jane in particular…the others are great, too!

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    I love the new matilda jane fall line! So many fun colors! And we love seventeenth radish!

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    I’m following and hoping to win ANY of these giveaways- especially matilda jane ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for this great giveaway ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    What a great Idea! I love fall clothes!

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    Great giveaways! Playthings is the best toy store in Madison.

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    Old Navy has the best kids clothes!

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    A This Pretty shirt would be perfect for my niece.

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    I need a Matilda Jane dress for my 4 year old. <3

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