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Today I Had “That” Kid

Well, it finally happened. Today for the first time I faced an episode at the grocery store with my two-year-old son that I couldn’t diffuse. He didn’t throw a temper tantrum or have a meltdown of some kind that could be fixed with a cookie bribe. My sweet and amazing boy just felt the need […]

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I’ve been told angels are beings who are sent from up above.  To watch over and protect us. To give us unending love.  Each person has an angel, one we cannot see.  They watch over us day and night through all eternity. They are beautiful heavenly creatures filled with enduring care and grace.  And in […]

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Twin Diagnosis: A family’s story of cancer survival

Twins have a special bond, and Jakob and Channing Nielson are no exception. As inseparable best friends, they share a love of playing and wrestling together, and as Wisconsin-raised 10 year olds, they also share a love for the Badgers. But what the family never dreamed they would share was a leukemia diagnosis. I recently […]

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How To Be Fearless in a Frightening World

I have a love-hate relationship with the news. I like to be informed about what’s happening in my community and throughout the world, but with the need-to-know information comes everything else. Natural disasters, mass shootings and other violence galore. The only thing that surprises me anymore is that I’m still surprised to find out another […]

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The Elusive Mom Friend

When my husband and I decided to have a baby, I expected that there would be a lot we would have to figure out. Would we use formula or breastfeed? Would I stay home or continue to work? Who would get up for nighttime feedings? (Ok that one wasn’t too hard to figure out.) I […]

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