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Twin Diagnosis: A family’s story of cancer survival

Twins have a special bond, and Jakob and Channing Nielson are no exception. As inseparable best friends, they share a love of playing and wrestling together, and as Wisconsin-raised 10 year olds, they also share a love for the Badgers. But what the family never dreamed they would share was a leukemia diagnosis. I recently […]

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How To Be Fearless in a Frightening World

I have a love-hate relationship with the news. I like to be informed about what’s happening in my community and throughout the world, but with the need-to-know information comes everything else. Natural disasters, mass shootings and other violence galore. The only thing that surprises me anymore is that I’m still surprised to find out another […]

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The Elusive Mom Friend

When my husband and I decided to have a baby, I expected that there would be a lot we would have to figure out. Would we use formula or breastfeed? Would I stay home or continue to work? Who would get up for nighttime feedings? (Ok that one wasn’t too hard to figure out.) I […]

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