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To the Baby I Never Got to Celebrate

  In my thirties, I resolved to be a better hostess, so I started having more parties. This was hard for me because I generally don’t like messes and am not a naturally welcoming person. Like, someone comes to my house, and my first inclination is to block the entrance with my body and chat […]

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To the Moms Freaking Out About Preschool Enrollment

It’s preschool application season, and we all know what that means. Countless tours of adorable buildings with tiny bathrooms. Endless scrutinizing of daily schedules printed on girds and the corresponding tuition sheet that goes with them. A million Google searches of key terms like Play-based,” “Reggio Emilia,” and “Montessori.” And, mostly, STRESS. When my oldest […]

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2017 Parenting Resolutions

Stop yelling at my kids: LOL j/k j/k j/k j/k. If I don’t yell at them HOW WILL THEY KNOW WHEN I’M UNHAPPY? Seriously, though, I try not to make resolutions that I know I won’t keep, so let’s say only yell at my kids when I am really, really mad.   Try not to […]

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Toofy, the Elf on the Shelf who Celebrates Hanukkah

How does a nice Jewish girl from Illinois find herself nearly buried under an avalanche of plastic tubs stuffed with Christmas ornaments searching in vain for a rogue Elf on the Shelf in a cold Wisconsin basement? I asked myself this very question after Thanksgiving when we walked through our door weary with holiday travel and […]

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5 Fave Read-Alouds for Tots to Tweens

I am not always a good mom. I yell too much. I care more about keeping the house clean than about creating magical childhood moments. I let the kids eat way too many desserts, and I am notoriously lax about screen time. Sometimes, I cheap out on organic foods—even the ones on the infamous dirty […]

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Back to School Blues

I can’t believe I am even about to write this because I can hear all four of my children screaming at each other in the basement, and the dog is barking herself silly right outside the back door and we just came from the grocery store where we spent more than half the week’s grocery […]

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What’s For Dinner?

Those 4 little words that no mom wants to hear:  What’s for dinner tonight? I take that back– sometimes I like hearing those words, like when they’re spoken by my 8 or 9-year-old sons as they burst through the door from the garage and fling their backpacks on the laundry room floor and dump playground […]

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Being a Granddaughter

My dad’s mom, whose butter paddle front teeth and love of trashy novels and gangly men who tell good jokes I have apparently inherited, died when I was a sophomore in high school.  Twenty-two years later, I still miss her everyday and until just a few years ago, I could remember the smell of her […]

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