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Kid Math: When MORE Kids Equals LESS Work

Let’s talk about one of the weirdest universal truths of parenthood: kid math. I am not talking about some new addition strategy your elementary schooler has to teach you so you can help them with their homework. Although, believe me, I have been there. It’s actually kind of amazing to have your nine-year-old open their […]

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love's labor

Love’s Labor Found

Remaking motherhood from work to love.             It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s gloomy. Every day is shorter than the one that came before it, and everyday my to-do lost is longer than it was yesterday. It’s easy to get out of sorts this busy season, to let shopping make us grouchy, to complain about a […]

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FOMO Movie Friday: A New Tradition

Do you get FOMO (fear of missing out)? Does chilly weather make you want to get cozy? Well then, friends, I have an idea for you born of my ability to always feel a little left out AND my desire to practice hygge without the nationalist xenophobia: FAMILY MOVIE FRIDAY! I thank goodness everyday that […]

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fight mom brain

Use Your Smart Phone to Fight Mom Brain

Exactly 24 hours before my kindergartener’s birthday party, the doorbell rang. I opened the door in the super-glam outfit I wear to bleach my bathrooms to find a mom and her little girl on the front porch holding a present. “Is this Cooper’s house?” the mom asked, giving my ratty clothes and the barking dog […]

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Why You Should Keep Score to Save Your Marriage

Experts agree that kids are tough on marriages. I mean DUH. Kids are tough on anything—walls, furniture, hardwood floors, the knees of nice pants. It makes sense that marriage would also be trampled by what my friend calls these little “ids in cool sneakers.” My husband and I keep track of who does what when, […]

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birds and the bees

Let’s Talk About Sex. To Our Kids. Yikes.

My mom was a 1970s feminist, the kind college students of today read about in gender and women’s studies classes. She protested the Vietnam War. She moved to San Francisco to use her social work degree talking people down from bad acid trips. She did not burn her bra because that’s a myth, but she […]

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