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Getting Through the Darkness of Unemployment

The day has come that I never hoped or dreamed for. The day my husband lost his job. I have watched others go through this, and it was one of those situations where I responded with a loving “I’m sorry”, and then quickly thank God that it wasn’t me. Well today is the day. It […]

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The Stories That Need to Stop

This past week I was offered an opportunity to do a free challenge with a group that I am involved in. One of the mini challenges was to find a picture of ourselves as a little child, around the age of 3 or 4. To find a picture of ourselves before the stories in our […]

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A Letter to My Childhood Bullies

A Letter to My Childhood Bullies

Dear Bullies, I want to let you know that I forgive you. I am sure you don’t even know the impact you have had on my life. I am unsure if I even know. I have started on a journey of finding myself, my truth. I have run into road block after road block in […]

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Embracing the Darkness- AKA Winter

I woke up this morning to the peaceful darkness of the untouched white frosting across the ground, the trees, and on the tops of my neighbors’ houses. It had snowed several inches since yesterday afternoon and throughout the night. Fresh fallen snow is by far my favorite part of the winter, but I don’t usually […]

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