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Bumper Cars

Hustling. Running the rat race. Getting our life together. Having it all. Work life balance. We are all doing it. Or rather, we are all trying to do it.  And it’s complete crap. I think the biggest fallacy of adulthood is the idea that it is a destination. It just isn’t. You never “arrive” to a point […]

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Disconnected. Does anyone else ever feel that tingly, strange sense of being set just slightly off from the rest of the world? Like when you tear open a new package of printer paper, select a sheet from the very middle of the stack, and pull it out. You unsettle or slightly shift seemingly every single […]

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The Small Victories

This blog post started as something so different than it has morphed into. My intention was to write a helpful, upbeat account of how I designed and implemented such a flawless cleaning routine in my home that I am nearly always caught up on housework… and you can be too, I’ll tell you how!!! I […]

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5 Resolutions I’m NOT Making This Year

It’s that time of year again. The time when everyone starts falling off their resolution bandwagon and becomes grouchy and depressed. In addition, here in the Midwest anyway, we’re past the excitement of the holidays and while it feels like spring should be nearly here we’re still multiple cold, damp, grey months away from warmer […]

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