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Every Little Bit (of Exercise) Counts

I sometimes fall into the familiar trap of having an “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to working out. If a workout isn’t “long enough,” or isn’t “tough enough,” it doesn’t count, so “do nothing” is the avenue chosen.   When I only have 30 minutes between finishing work for the day and picking up […]

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Balance – It’s a Work(out) in Progress

When I became a mom last spring, I learned pretty quickly that exercise, one of my favorite outlets for stress relief, was going to become my precious “me-time.” Like everything else about family life, there is a definite balance to this activity that we’re constantly working to achieve. Here are some of the things that […]

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Things That Surprised Me About Becoming a Mom

As I think about my daughter’s upcoming first birthday in late April (wow, how did we get here already?!?), I’m finding that there are definitely some things that surprised me this first year of parenthood. Endless Worry  There’s definitely an element of anxiety and tendency to worry that has been magnified in my personality since […]

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Changing My Conversation About Working From Home

“I work from home… but my 9-month-old daughter still goes to daycare every day,” I find myself telling a new neighbor or family member from back home on the East Coast. As soon as the sentence comes out of my mouth, the guilt hits, and I immediately scramble to find the words to justify our […]

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