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Madison’s Spring Photo Guide

There are countless photo locations and ideas for your spring photos in Madison! Below we have compiled some great ideas from 5 of the best photographers in the Madison area. Happy Spring! Togetherness at sunset. – Katie Garner Photography Overcast days can still produce beautiful images! Don’t worry if it’s not a super sunny day, […]

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I Know You’re Tired

Hi Mama, I just thought I’d let you know I see you. I see you in your yoga pants from last night. I see the dark circles under your eyes. I know you feel overlooked. Underloved and unappreciated. I know you’re tired. I see the joy your children bring you. The glimmer in your eye. […]

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A Lesson I Would Rather Not Have Learned

“Well, you know, this is good for you.” My grandmother said to my mom and I from her deathbed. “What is?” I asked for some clarification. “This”, she said, waving her hand around the hospital room. “You are learning a lot about life.” “Ha!” I laughed nervously and loudly to divert from the idea that this was […]

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Simple Tips for Better Photos on your Smartphone

One of my favorite sayings is “The best camera is the one you have”. In today’s age of amazing technology just about everyone has a smartphone with a pretty amazing camera. I have a professional full frame camera that I use for clients and for my family. But, when I don’t feel like lugging it […]

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Darkness After Delivery | Guest Post

When writing a post about my experience with postpartum anxiety disorder, I heard from a lot of women in the community who were wanting to share their stories to help others. I was grateful to have Katherine Schuknecht reach out and write this snippet for our readers.  The most important message I want any woman suffering […]

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Thankful moms {part 1}

Katy and I were inspired to write about what we are thankful for in our lives. Like so many of you, we found that as cliche as it may sound-we have so much to be thankful for. One of the things I find myself being grateful for is the community of women I am a […]

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Do’s and Don’ts This Holiday Photo Season

Family photo season is upon us and I know many of my clients often feel a host of emotions (including excitement and stress!) while prepping for their family photos. I started off this post with more ideas about what to wear for your family photos this fall. But, once I started writing, I realized that […]

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Having a Doula with you for Your Delivery

Naturally, I was SO excited when I was pregnant with my first child. I couldn’t wait to get a nursery ready, buy tiny clothes and dream about our new family member. I was even excited about the birthing process… because come on ladies-this is what we are MADE for. As my pregnancy progressed, I knew that I wanted […]

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5 may 2015-61

How Becoming a Mother Changed My Self Image

Becoming a parent and having a daughter really shifted my perspective in every way. You see, I have always been quite concerned with my image, even before I realized it. There was a brief stint in my childhood (from ages 7-12) where I lived with my family in a tiny town in North Dakota. I have done my […]

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A Baby Sprinkle: Celebrating your Baby

The idea of a baby shower for a first time mom is something that everyone is familiar with. There is no doubt that these new mamas have a need for…well…everything. From swings to onsies the registries are extensive because mama is starting from square one.   But, what about mothers who are expecting their second, […]

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