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Loving life right where we are. (Photo by Indian Summer Photography)

We’re Not Moving to the Suburbs

I grew up in a local Madison area suburban neighborhood. It had sprawling houses, similar families, organized events, and plenty of neighborhood ordinances to keep it aesthetically pleasing. You recognized whose car was pulling into the neighborhood on the commute home. There was no outside traffic, no real crime, and neighbors saved our favorite candies […]

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Madison Area Restaurants where KIDS EAT FREE

*Please contact the restaurant to confirm they’re still offering the deal! Sunday Aranda’s Mexican Restaurant • 142 Market St, Deforest, WI 53532 • 608.842.0683 Kids eat free all day! Black Bear Inn • 320 W Cottage Grove Rd, Cottage Grove, WI 53527 • 608.839.5222 Kids eat free all day! Dickey’s BBQ Pit • 4833 Annamark Dr, Madison, WI 53704 • 608.249.4205 Kids eat free all day! Draft House • 1010 Enterprise […]

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I’m Thankful for 2017

The year is at an end and many people aren’t too happy with popular events of 2017. Personally, 2017 has been one of the most trying years of my life and as a mom. But instead of following the trendy way to meet those challenges with a negative article complaining about all of these hardships, […]

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boy swinging alone

The Guilt Of Three

Mom Guilt is no secret. I’ve had it plenty of times in my three years of momming. I’m sure you’ve had it, too. So many parts of motherhood can be hard. And I’ve heard the adjustment from two to three kids can be similar to the adjustment to one (AKA: ULTRA-HARD). But I didn’t spend […]

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Advice we've heard on babies

Advice We’ve Heard On Babies — From Great to Awful

Every mother has a list of horrible advice given to her. Well-meaning strangers, wise grandparents and correcting mothers-in-law will interject on parenting style. Most of this guidance overwhelms new mothers and causes seasoned mom’s eyes to roll, but a few pieces of advice prove undoubtedly helpful. The Best and The Worst Admittedly, I’ve received more […]

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Unsaid Sad Birth

The Unsaid Part of Giving Birth

Tomorrow, I will have a two-week-old baby boy. This time I knew what to expect, but that wasn’t the case with my first-born. Following my first pregnancy, I was knocked to the ground with an encumbering cloud of despair. It caught me by surprise with no warning. Baby blues are too often the unsaid part […]

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5 Lifesaving Mom Hacks from a Soon-To-Be Mom of Three

As I approach my third time around at this baby thing, I realized there’s a few things we do around here that would have SHOCKED my first-time mom self. I thought I’d share the wealth of knowledge I’ve acquired. While they may not be actually life saving, these tips may very well save your sanity, […]

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