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The Grass Is Always Greener: One Day as a SAHM

I didn’t intend to be a stay at home mom. I figured after maternity leave I would happily bounce back to work. Fast forward to a difficult twin pregnancy and my expectations started to change. Then, came comparing my income as a social worker to that of two daycares (HA!). I mostly love being home […]

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A Thank-You Note to the Car Nap

Dear Car Nap, Thank you. Thank you, for allowing my children to sleep on the days or nights when they refuse to do so in their beds no matter how softly I soothe, hard I fight, or attempt to ignore. Thank you for providing them the perfect cocktail of white noise and soothing vibration which […]

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9 Podcasts for New Listeners

I LOVE podcasts. I started listening to them in my pre-baby days and now three years into my life as a stay-at-home mom, I have continued to listen and expand my regular shows. I listen to them while I exercise, make dinner, drive my girls around town, and while cleaning the house during nap time. […]

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5 Tips for Super Early Risers

When we brought our twins home from the NICU we were somewhat prepared for the sleepless nights of infancy. What we were less prepared for was what happened in the sixth or seventh month. At this point our girls were still waking at least once (often twice) for a bottle or comfort, but then they […]

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“Mama, You Feeling Happy Now?”

This is the question one of my almost three year olds asks me about 25 times a day. She asks this when we are late for the week’s second doctor’s appointment, when we are drawing Winnie The Pooh characters on the sidewalk, when I am coming to collect her and her twin after another failed […]

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The Bright Side of Living Away from Family

“But won’t you two need more help instead of less? You aren’t moving to Alabama with your parents? I can’t believe you’re moving farther from their grandparents! BUT IT’S COLD THERE!!!”  These are some of the shocked (and very southern) responses we received when my husband accepted a job less than one month after bringing […]

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