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food allergy mom

The Lonely Life of a Food Allergy Mom

There’s one part of every kid birthday party I hate: the food part. It’s always pizza and cake, and usually my son doesn’t care that he can’t have any. He eats his meal before the party, and I bring his dairy-free, wheat-free, egg-free, peanut-free cupcake in a little Tupperware. But during the last party we […]

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Barre Code 5

The Time I Tried The Barre Code

Disclaimer :: This is a sponsored post. We only partner with local businesses we believe in, and as always, all opinions are our own! A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try out The Barre Code, the new-ish downtown fitness studio just off the square. Having tried several other barre classes in the […]

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It Won’t Always Be Like This

“You got this, mama.” They were words from a stranger, delivered with a supportive smile while I was hauling my two screaming little boys out of the zoo park. I had one wriggling, red-faced kid under each arm, a (third?) hand on the stroller, sweaty armpits, and very, very little patience left. The comment jolted […]

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Can I Be Honest? Sometimes, I Get Jealous

Dear Stay-at-Home Mom, Can I be honest? Sometimes, I get jealous of you. Like, when I picture your mornings, minus the chaos of hustling kids out the door to daycare. I picture breakfasts eaten without staring at the clock, maybe a morning kids’ show, everyone still in PJs. I see you taking the kids to […]

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HotelRED: A Staycation Story

Disclaimer: HotelRED provided a free dinner and night’s stay in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions are our own! A few weeks ago, my husband and I took a rare night off from parenting duties to enjoy a mini staycation downtown. It’s something we’d been wanting to do for awhile, so when HotelRED […]

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when parenting is boring

When Parenting is…Boring

A few weeks ago, my husband sent me a link to a parenting article that openly used the B word in reference to parenting. Boring. He was elated. It turned out there was someone else in the world who shared his dirty secret: that entertaining kids—particularly, preschoolers—was not the most intellectually stimulating or emotionally satisfying […]

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daily struggles of a WFHM

Daily Struggles of a Work from Home Mom

A few weeks ago, on a Monday morning, I was at a coffee shop. I’d just dropped my kids off at their “school” (daycare, really, since they’re 1 and 3, but school sounds better to my ears), and I had two precious hours to tackle a freelance writing project. Then, I noticed a group of […]

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learning to love winter

Learning to Love Winter

For as a long as I can remember, I’ve been a committed Winter-Hater. I’ve complained and cursed my way through year after year of bitter cold temps, relentless grey skies, and unforgiving snowfalls. I’ve probably gone WEEKS without breathing fresh air between December and March (not including a few gulps while sprinting from car to […]

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take mom's picture

Please: Take Mom’s Picture, Too

Well, it’s official: the holidays are over. All that’s left, for a lot of us, is an alarming number of new toys (…donation time!) and about eleventy-zillion photos. The other day, I was looking through all the pictures I took—kids in front of the tree, kids opening gifts, kids looking bored and vacant while I […]

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new rules of holiday eating

The NEW Rules of Healthy Holiday Eating

Around this time of year, I always see tons of articles bursting with tips to help me “avoid holiday weight gain” or “stay on track this holiday season.” “Never show up to parties hungry!” “Reach for protein first!” “Don’t drink your calories!” I’ve even seen multiple articles suggest the “3-bite rule.” One sold it to […]

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Raising the Cautious Child

My 3-year-old son is extremely cautious. I’m not talking, like, hesitantly dipping his toes in the water before entering a wading pool cautious. I’m talking running in the opposite direction SCREAMING at the suggestion of approaching a wading pool cautious. He does a lot of sitting on the sidelines, avoiding activities most kids go crazy […]

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