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Spring Cleaning + Organizing 101

As an organizational enthusiast, I derive great joy from having a place for everything and everything in said place. Knowing where things are saves time. Well thought-out, attractive spaces are nice to look at (Hello, Pinterest and Houzz?) And for me, clear space helps clear my mind. Admittedly, I can take neatness to the extreme, […]

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Happy Birthday, Dear Baby

Dear Baby, Tonight, at just a hair past seven o’clock on this last day of the year, you completed your first full revolution around the sun. It goes without saying that a lot has happened since the dawn of time in our new world together. You’ve slept through a considerable chunk of it, while I’ve been awake for more than I’d like. […]

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A Girl and Her Dog

Before I was a parent, I had a dog. It’s a story you’ve probably heard before. The dog was my baby, blah, blah, blah. He went everywhere with me – work, errands, road trips. His patience always rewarded with a toss of the ball wherever we could fit it in. He went to “doggy daycare” twice […]

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Judgment at Bay

A few months ago, I saw an unfortunate version of a young me. I was sitting in the Apple Store, perched high above the masses on a stool at the Genius Bar. The exasperation in my eyes was not doing my youthful, well-toned face any favors. In fact, I blame many of today’s wrinkles on her. My […]

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It’s Never Too Early to Be a Badger

Recently I read an intriguing op-ed in the New York Times about babies and cognition.1 In it, the author cited two studies demonstrating how babies learn – not just by imitating others, but also by regarding information from their environment when doing so. The first study was conducted in 1988 at the University of Washington. […]

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This is Your Brain on Parenthood

  To say I’m an organized person is a bit of an understatement. Meticulous is more like it. Fanatical is even better. I do not lose things – or rather, if I do, I spend inordinate amounts of time and energy mobilizing a search party. The missing item could be a priceless heirloom, a fleeting thought, or […]

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Going for Gold

The Summer Games are once again upon us. Soon thousands of svelte sportspeople from all over the world will gather in Rio to collectively measure their biceps in one big giant flex. They’ll use those muscles and push their limits in a bid for glory and a heavy gold necklace. They’ll wave pretty flags of unknown […]

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Music + Children: Find Your Rhythm

When Prince passed a few months ago, I was crushed. Another musical pioneer, a rhythmic genius, funky fixture of my childhood, gone. Weeks later when I asked my husband how he was coping so well, he told me something even more devastating than the original news. He said, “I didn’t really listen to Prince.” “I’m […]

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