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Talking To Under-Fives About Election Results

The people of the United States of America were just given the opportunity to vote for our next President. Somebody got the job, and somebody didn’t. There have been smiles, there have been hugs, there have been tears, and most notably there has been anger from people on both sides. And our kids have heard a […]

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Choosing a New Pediatrician

Recently our beloved pediatrician retired. I mean it when I tell you I was heartbroken! She had taken fantastic care of my children for the past few years, and I trusted her with their care. I feel very fortunate that my family had her in our corner for as long as we did. So it […]

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To my children

Why I Won’t be Too Critical of my Children

Last week I read a blog post from a mom who was upset about how much praise us “millennials” received as children, and how it “ruined” us. She explained how, as a result, we are now pampering our kids. She suggested we try not praising our children so much, and that criticism is good for […]

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Santa International

Santa and his international counterparts

Who is the big guy in red with the once-a-year job flying around the world delivering gifts to all the little children? To me, that’s Father Christmas – or, as my 3-year-old says “Farmer” Christmas. But then I was raised in the UK, where Santa Claus goes by that paternal moniker. Now I’ve lived in […]

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Thankful Moms {Part 2}

Last week Laura and I shared some of what we, and other moms we know, are thankful for in our lives. With so much to be thankful for, but so little time to think about it, we wanted to spur on some of those good thoughts by sharing more thankfulness from more moms. Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving […]

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Finding the ISH

In December of 2014, our third child was born. A chubby bundle of adorableness whose smile lights up a room, and whose sheer determination makes her a force to be reckoned with. It’s certainly different the third time around. It’s not that I am a pro at this parenting thing, it’s just I have had […]

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Helping your child through being bullied

In the middle of a circle of 5 girls I sat on the floor, paralyzed to the ground by the weight of my fear, unable to escape what I knew was about to happen. The empty gym’s silent expanse surrounded and engulfed me. I desperately hoped one of the doors would open and a teacher would […]

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Father’s Day from the heart!

Trying to come up with a meaningful gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Step away from the commercialization, and think outside the box. Here is a short list to help your planning! Ask your kids a series of questions about Daddy and film them answering. It doesn’t have to be a professional film, just a […]

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The 10 NOTS of Autism!

April is Autism Awareness month, and as a parent of two children on the Autism Spectrum I wanted to share with you my insight as to some of what Autism doesn’t mean to our family! Autism cannot stifle our family’s joy, our fun, our happiness. Certainly it’s tough at times, but all toddlers have their […]

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Managing Parental Paranoia

As a Mom, I am definitely guilty of being “Momanoid” – the parental version of paranoid. Momanoia is: Believing that leaving my daughter’s bassinet too close to the painting will cause the painting to fall on her head Thinking that my son is DEFINITELY out of his crib, and sticking his fingers in an electrical […]

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