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Are You Happy?

It only took three days after coming home from China for the question to be raised: “So, are you happy?” I knew what my friend meant. Was I happy to be home? Was I happy to be reunited with my family? Was I happy to be sleeping in my own bed, using my own bathroom and drinking […]

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We’re on our way!

Well, not today. But VERY SOON! We have our travel approval, paperwork compiled and plane and hotels booked. We’re going to China!!! After almost a year of talking about this trip, it is finally here! Our adoption journey started in late April of last year with lots and lots of paperwork. Soon after we began the […]

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I think these kids need a helmet!

24 Hours

When my kids began attending school I realized that I was unsure as to how I should react when one of them would come home from school or soccer practice and tell me their account of a conflict or situation they had that day. As a parent I felt the need to be my child’s advocate […]

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What’s in a name?

How do you choose a name for your child? Most of us have strong opinions about certain names. We all have a kid from our past etched in our brain of whom we would NEVER name our child after, not to mention a few adults. And then there are the names that you really like. […]

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Instilling Kindness in our Kids

As we celebrate this holiday season, I have been thinking about how we teach our children to be generous. How do we teach empathy? How do we encourage our kids to be kind and loving in this “season of giving?” I’ve decided that we don’t. We can read books to our kids and teach them how to […]

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I love my training group

I never thought of myself as an athlete. When I was a kid I was often one of the last picked for teams (with a few muttered protests from my new teammates). And not only did every gym class showcase just how un-athletic I was, it also reinforced the idea that I was not meant […]

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Follow Your Heart

My husband and I are adopting a little boy from China. Yep, check out my bio at the bottom and you’ll see that we’re the ones who already have four boys. And maybe four is enough. Especially since our youngest is already in second grade. While many of our friends are looking forward to more […]

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We could all use a little yoga

  My third kid started middle school this fall. So far it’s been tremendous. Say what you want about how rough middle school can be, he’s THRIVING. He’s excited about the big-kid status of riding his bike to school and owning a cell phone. He loves that he has card club after school and different […]

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Keeping it Real

Parenting can be a competitive sport. It can start out with an innocent conversation about the joy of parenting and it can quickly escalate into a not so subtle competition. If you’ve been a parent for even a short period of time, you know what I mean: My kid knows three languages, learned how to […]

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Bullies – A Different Perspective

Many of us carry the scars that we received from bad experiences at school. Maybe you had a group of mean girls that kept you out of their cool group. Maybe there was a boy that would punch you when no one was looking. Do you remember that sick feeling going to school? I think of […]

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