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My Love For You Has Changed

My dearest husband, my love for you has changed. Our 8th anniversary has come and gone recently and I realize now that my love for you is so different from when we first got married. Eight years ago I would swoon over flowers and being whisked away for a fancy dinner and a night on […]

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The Reality of Being a Girl Mom

You always here people saying “oh he’s such a mama’s boy” or “she is such a daddy’s girl”. Even down to the clothes, when you walk into the store you’ll see all the cute little onesies that says daddy’s princess or mommy’s handsome little man. Now what happens when your children are all the same […]

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I Am Not Defined by My Mental Health

I have depression…and anxiety for that matter. It seems like depression comes with a stigma. One that makes it seem as if I should walk around with the word depressed tattooed on my forehead. Depression comes in all shapes and forms. Everyone has different triggers and different signs. I have heard the comments made, “If […]

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I Was The Perfect Parent Before I Had Kids

Before you become a parent, you have this idealistic version of how your family will be perfect. Most people, myself included, saw kids running and screaming around Target and thought to themselves, “There is no way my child would ever behave like that.” My how the tables have turned.   I assumed I would be […]

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