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I Want to Be a Hot Mom

I have always wanted to lose weight. Always. I remember being 12 years old and wanting to lose weight because I was heavier than most of the other girls in sixth grade. I think I weighed 120 pounds. I wish I could weigh that again. There was a golden summer when, at 17, I felt […]

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Butterfly decorations I bought years ago that I always intended for my daughter(s) and can't seem to get rid of.

Living the Dream, Just Not the One I Imagined

I always imagined I would have at least one daughter. My fondness for make-up, dresses, jewelry, and hair styling would surely be giddily shared with and passed on to a girl of my own. I would dress her up in adorable, frilly, pastel-colored outfits and paint her nails to match mine. I would braid her […]

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Yes, Their Personalities Are Different

My kids are fraternal twins. They are not clones or carbon copies of each other. Even if they were clones, have you seen Orphan Black? They are brothers. They have the same parents, grew in the same womb, share a birthday, live in the same house, and attend the same kindergarten class. For the first […]

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Thank You, Coffee

What is it about coffee? It’s most moms’ best friend in the morning. It’s probably most ADULTS’ best friend in the morning. But, why? Is it the smell? That roasty, rich smell that wafts through the house and makes us grateful to have those holes in our nose called nostrils? My first memories of smelling […]

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Kilkus (28)

The Parental Alliance

It was mere days into our journey as new parents to our twin boys that I realized my partner is indispensable. We have all heard that the instances of divorce are notably higher amongst couples with multiple children, such as twins, triplets, or more, because of the incredible added strain of caring for multiple children. […]

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Re: Missing Mother Link

I’ve committed to being the mother to my children that my birth mother was not to me. I have always wanted to have children. I yearned for someone to share my DNA and show even a slight resemblance to me. When I was younger, I used to play Mother. I never called it that, but […]

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Leave the Kids, Eat the Cannoli

Motherhood is complicated–for all involved. Being a mother, having a mother, not having a mother, losing a mother. Parenthood is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. It’s not so much a marathon as the Ironman of Ironmen. All of it is complicated and emotional. It’s chaotic and messy. It’s cloudy […]

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When Your Cool Goes Bye-Bye

When you have had enough of the day and more than enough of the repetition that motherhood seems to require and you finally blow your top and scream at a dancing someone to go to the bathroom like you already told him twice because the absolute last thing you need right now in addition to, like, […]

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