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What No One Tells You

Ahhhh, unsolicited advice. Nothing like it. I have received more than enough as a parent. When I was pregnant, if I had a mere penny for every time I was told “You should get your sleep now,” I would have had enough money to buy myself a trenta iced latte. When my kids were younger, baby/toddler […]

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I’m the Mom Who Doesn’t Craft with Her Kids

Yep, that’s me. Sorry, not sorry. Crafting gives me anxiety. There, I said it. It’s such a relief to have it out there. Please don’t send me hate mail. Just thinking about glue, glitter, glittery glue, pom poms, popsicle sticks, googly eyes, AHHHHH! I can craft an article. I can sing in tune. I can […]

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Make Your Life Easier: Say Yes to Help!

We have been teaching our children to ask for help when they have a problem or can’t do something alone. In fact, I am so adamant that they ask for help and say “please,” when they simply tell me about a problem, I ask them what they should do to get help. I don’t want […]

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Unfiltered: Kids Edition

Kids say surprisingly insightful things. They say hilarious things sometimes, often when they are completely serious. We often hear our kids’ conversations and want to be able to remember them. They are young enough that they are always honest and true to themselves. And their interpretations of new concepts and ideas are wonderful, not to […]

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Can I Just Hold You Forever?

My kids are going to be seven years old in about a month. I’m pretty sure one of them has exceeded the 50-pound mark, and it’s the one who was just barely over six pounds when he was born. The “small one.” Now, I can just manage to lift them up off the ground for […]

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We’re a No-Sports Family (For Now)

The other day, a friend I hadn’t seen in a couple years was over for a long-overdue visit. After we caught each other up on changes in our lives, she asked me what sports the boys are playing. “None!” I replied gleefully. They are six years old, fresh-faced first-graders, and they enjoy free, imagination-driven play […]

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What You Inherit From Your Father

It’s pretty clear to anyone who knows me well that I am my mother’s daughter. I emulate her in many ways. I like to think I am a good listener and question-asker because of her decades-long career as a family and marriage therapist. However, I realized long ago that I share certain traits with my […]

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Being a Madison Mom

What does being a Madison mom (or dad) mean to YOU? For me, it means: Trying to look cute but, how does John Wick put it?, tactical at Costco. Rooting for the Badgers, even if you don’t like football, basketball, soccer, or…bocce ball? Always having Prairie Fume and Spotted Cow in stock. Being painfully familiar […]

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The Rocky Road to Motherhood, Part II

Click here to read The Rocky Road to Motherhood, Part I I miscarried during Christmas, a time when we are supposed to feel festive and happy. A time to celebrate family and the important things in life. We didn’t put up a Christmas tree that year, the only year we have ever not decorated for the […]

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