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Stop Washing Your Hair

Before having kids, I never left the house without my hair being done and my makeup being perfect. Spending an hour in the morning getting ready was not a problem…until I had kids. Like many moms, I pushed my needs aside. I didn’t take care of myself. I got into a rut of ponytails and yoga pants. It was […]

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It’s All About the Curls

Before having kids, I was a hairstylist. I enjoyed helping people transform their look and feel confident. Even though I no longer work in a salon, I love getting the chance to style a friend’s hair for a special occasion. I’m often asked how I curl my hair. There’s not a standard answer. Everyone has different hair […]

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If the Cup Fits | Sponsored

If you’re like me, finding a bra has proven to be quite difficult- and finding a nursing bra is seemingly impossible. I want something comfortable, flattering and gives me shape. Am I asking too much? I jumped at the opportunity to visit La Lingerie in search for that bra. Why appointment only? We believe every woman deserves and needs private attention to find her […]

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I sit. Waiting for the phone to ring. Waiting to hear from my 5-year-old’s doctor. Waiting to find out if she will undergo yet another surgery. Waiting to hear what our future holds. Like 15 surgeries in 5 years isn’t enough. My heart beats heavier as I mentally run through potential complications of the potential […]

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Freshly Picked Review and Giveaway

Maybe you’re like me. It’s tough to find shoes for my two-year-old. She’s either saying “feet. hurt.” or “no. shoes.” Emma’s an active little girl who is always running from one thing to the next and insists on wearing dresses everyday. I was look for something long lasting, cute and wouldn’t leave Emma with blisters. When I found Freshly Picked […]

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Newborn Photography :: K Gardner Photography

People always tell you how fast babies grow up and the next thing you’ll know, they’ll be starting preschool! It’s hard to believe them when you’re functioning on just a few hours of sleep. 10 weeks ago, my family welcomed our third daughter to the familyl! After a fast labor and quick hospital stay, we were thrown into […]

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Packing for the Hospital

When thinking of what I’ll pack in my hospital bag, I always turn to the good ol’ internet to see what everyone suggests. Every list is so different. Every mom is so different. I’ve always been an over-packer. Leaving town for one night still means I take 3+ outfits  and just as many shoes! What […]

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A Family Getaway

I’m always looking for a chance to get out of town with my family. This winter has been bitterly cold, leaving my two daughters and I inside most days. Getting away takes a lot of planning- getting time off work, packing, and money. With busy schedules, it’s hard to find more than just a weekend to […]

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Studio Indigo {Sponsored Post}

My baby recently turned ONE! And what a fast year it was! We had her one-year pictures taken a few weeks back by Studio Indigo. Maybe your kids are like mine- as soon as that camera comes out; they turn straight-faced and usually end up crying! I’m not above bribery- cotton candy often does the […]

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Date Night

Six years ago, my husband and I started our new life together. We began our journey by moving 14 hours away from family. We were young and newly married, so staying up until midnight watching a movie or playing a game was common. We could function on little sleep. We would drive an hour or […]

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