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Everything is more fun with Mimi!

Grandparents Make Life Grand

  Growing up, my grandparents were a major part of my life. We didn’t go to daycare centers, montessori schools, pre-care or after-school programs. We went to mamaw’s and papaw’s or grannacy’s and grandaddy’s. I practiced fine motor skills by planting seeds in the garden, shelling peas and making homemade biscuits. I learned valuable life […]

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Friendship looks like - a lot of backyard BBQs with the family!

What Friendship Looks Like

Now that I’m a mom, I’ve realized that friendship looks different than it used to. When I first became a mom, I found myself feeling lonely. At the same time, I regularly took myself out of social engagements because I often wanted more time with my little one. I had a difficult time balancing returning […]

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Tummy time on the water mat!

Mama Must-Haves: 3-6 Months

As a follow up to my list of favorite things for 0-3 months, I put together some items that became standbys in our home. Some are common and some unexpected – but I hope they will work for you or that special mama in your life! Sleeping: We continued with our Aden + Anais muslin […]

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1,000 gallons of water at Fort Mackenzie

Winter waterparking

In Wisconsin, February is the worst month. In November and December, holiday cheer can temper the snow and frigid temperatures. January rides on the coattails of those months. But February gives the promise of spring with the dreary weather of winter. Kids and parents alike get squirrely. Cabin fever peaks. Enter my newfound solution – […]

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One of many family walks in the Moby.

Mama Must-Haves: 0-3 Months

As an expectant first-time mom, I researched everything. From diapers to daycare, I sought articles and advice from friends, books and the internet. We were ready to meet our little girl, but looking back I can tell you that there was no way to be entirely prepared for what the weeks and months brought us. […]

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Chicken and Wild Rice

Balanced meals for busy families

For me, being a mom is all about balance. In that, I don’t have any. I’m kidding. I’m totally on top of everything, all the time, of course. The fact is that sometimes you have to make choices: missing bedtime to make it to the gym, skipping a social event instead of getting a babysitter, […]

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Waiting room glamour.

Moms get sick, too

Here it is – the time of year when running noses and endless coughs become part of our daily routine. It’s no surprise that with all the nose wiping, food sharing and kisses we moms eventually come down with some bugs ourselves. This winter has brought particularly nasty cases of the flu, upper respiratory viruses […]

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Giving Back During the Holidays

After all of last week’s shopping and eating, it’s time to give back. The holidays are a time to be thankful, thoughtful and generous. With the endless availability of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 10 Days of Christmas and myriad other holiday shopping promotions, it’s easy to get caught up in the buying and gifting of […]

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Supply and Demand

It’s no secret that there are benefits to breastfeeding. From increased immunity, lower SIDS risks and higher IQ for baby to reduced cancer risks for mama, it didn’t take long for me to commit myself to a year of breastfeeding. And while breast milk is free, it certainly isn’t always abundant. And it sure didn’t […]

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Upcoming Weekend Events {July 4, 5, 6}

Click here to check out our round-up of 4th of July Fireworks! Monona Community Festival Thursday, Friday Winnequah Park, Monona Description: Annual community festival, includes carnival & other scheduled entertainment, kids activities, plus fireworks at dusk on July 4th. Build a Bug House at the Home Depot Home Depot stores – East and West […]

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