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No, I’m Not About To Pop

The crazy things people say when you’re expecting People are bound to notice all the physical changes pregnancy brings: growing belly, swollen feet, and myriad weirdness that we all endure while we grow precious new life. Somehow these physical changes trigger some very odd lack of self awareness that leads people to say some pretty […]

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I Made You Cry Today

I made you cry today. I knew it was coming. The two-hour hustle between work and bedtime was more than I could handle. Your dad had to work late, so I tackled two daycare pickups, nursed your crying baby sister while trying to get dinner on your plate, and gave both of you baths. By […]

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This Part is Just Hard

I had almost forgotten what it’s like to have a newborn. Even with all the joy and love a new baby brings, this part is hard. So hard. It’s the kind of hard that brings you to tears of frustration, guilt, and exasperation. It pushes you to the brink and makes you question just how […]

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Growing bellies don't come without side effects!

Baby Got Back (Pain)

What happened when I finally saw a chiropractor in my third trimester I have always been a worrier. As far back as I can remember, I have felt nervous about trying new things. Anything from taking a trip someplace new to taking a new medication was enough to make me bite my nails. This trepidation […]

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A Letter to Our “Village”

In my short four years as a mother, I have often been both humbled by and grateful for the unexpected support I have seen from my community. When my husband recently suffered multiple fractures in his leg, our community helped our family in ways we never expected. Parenthood truly takes a village; and I am […]

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The first time. I knew so little!

I’m Carrying So Much More This Time

Pregnancy is so different the second time. As a mom who is blessed with many mom-friends, I expected that my second pregnancy would be different than my first. Even so, I was unprepared for how significantly different my experience would be. I’m carrying so much more this time. Not just in the literal sense of […]

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Letting the Joy In

It was a typical week night in our house – the mad dash to cook dinner, clean up dinner, bathe the child, read the books, sing the songs, and say goodnight. All within a rushed, two-hour time frame after work. For many reasons or no reason at all, my three year old was having trouble […]

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Left: what I'm doing. Right: what I feel like doing.

When Mom Becomes a Student

Last summer, I finally pulled the trigger on something I’ve been talking about for years – pursuing a Master’s degree. To those who know me, it didn’t come as a surprise because I have been talking about it forever. Yet, year after year, I found reasons to wait. As each year passed, it became harder […]

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Five Quick Ways to Take Time for You

At this time of the year, it’s easy to be swept away with to-do lists and resolutions to “be better at…” or “make more time for …” As we start a brand new year, I have decided that in addition to goal-setting and resolutions, I resolve to dedicate time to take care of myself. As […]

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Our little trouper, ready for surgery.

A Letter To Our Daughter’s Anesthesiologist

You probably won’t remember us, but we will never forget you. When we walked into the hospital for our three-year-old to undergo a “very routine” procedure, it felt anything but routine for us. While our gregarious, brave toddler announced she was “so excited!” to be at the hospital, we felt immense anxiety. We knew we […]

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I set a goal - and achieved it!

Personal Goals, Parenthood & Celebration

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: in parenthood, the days last forever and the months fly by. Before you know it, your newborn is walking, then talking in full sentences, then mastering new skills every day. The same phenomenon that makes these major milestones come and go in an instant can thwart […]

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