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When I Grow Up…

How many times have we heard as parents “when I grow up I am going to be (insert the most recent hobby/sport that they have been into at that moment).” How do you typically respond? Maybe it’s an enthusiastic “wow honey that is great!” or with an encouraging (yet logical) “awesome- that’s why it is […]

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family vacation 2016

Road Trippin’ With the In-Laws

Our family of five just got back from our summer vacation….with our mother-in-laws along for the ride. To some this might seem like a nightmare- something with quality material for the next season of American Horror Story. To others this might be wishful thinking- those who have parents who have already passed and would give anything […]

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Getting a Pet- Are We Crazy?

Last summer we had to put down our beloved first family pet, a yellow lab named Uno. He was a cherished member of the family, and we still miss him dearly. Not long after we put him down, we weighed the pro’s and con’s of getting another dog. No biggie that we had twin one […]

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