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Love is in the Air – A Fun Valentine’s Day Craft

My twins recently brought home some coffee filters that they had painted at their daycare. I found the colors beautiful the way the paint bled together. I couldn’t bear to throw them out. But they were coffee filters, so if I hung them up, well, they would look like coffee filters on my wall or […]

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Odd One Out – Struggles of a Larger Family

We are a family of five. I would not change anything about our family. But sometimes the struggle is real. Here are the top seven reasons why it is HARD to be a family of five. 7. Hotel rooms. It seems like the maximum occupants is four. Or you can only book locations that have […]

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yellow bath duck toy

Rub a Dub Dub – Do You Really Need a Tub?

I can remember my first daughter’s bath in the hospital. The nurse came in, showed us how to bathe a newborn. She seemed to enjoy it- didn’t cry once. We came home from the hospital and settled in to our routine, and when the first bath time rolled around, we bathed her in the kitchen […]

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A Penny for Her Thoughts – Raising a Deep Thinker

Children are typically always thinking- it is how they learn and grow. They see things, ask questions for clarification, and generally are learning with every moment. What happens when it goes beyond that though? When your child is CONSTANTLY thinking? I’m not just talking about “why is the grass green” or “how to animals survive […]

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Don’t Be Afraid of the PTA

By now you are stocked up on your school supplies, maybe have the first day of school outfits planned out, and maybe you’re excited to get your kids back into the school routine once again. Our summer memories are still fresh in our minds, and we are gearing up for the hustle and bustle of […]

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Planning a Vacation | A Choose Your Own Adventure

I have always loved to travel, and I can remember family vacations when I was young- road trips across the US, setting the camper up and taking it down the next morning (ALWAYS in the rain of course), flights to sunny beaches, and visiting family in other states. We have passed along this love of […]

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What It Means to Be a Mommy

Mommy. An endearing name for the female parent of a child. A sweet name coming from your little one to you. In our household mommy takes on a whole new meaning. When we first found out we were pregnant, we had lots of decisions on our hands. Similar to those of a heterosexual couple. How […]

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Don’t Throw Those Out Yet! Upcycling Kid’s Pants

Crunchy pants. That’s what my eldest daughter calls jeans, corduroys, or any other stiff material. Ever since she could really talk about her clothes she has preferred stretchy material or skirts and dresses.  Most kids wear pants for a season, and then they either a) outgrow them or b) ruin them with all the hard […]

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child art

Another Pretty Picture

Children’s artwork. You know what I am talking about. You pick your kid up from daycare – only to be greeted with a stack of original masterpieces done by your two-year-old. You open your kid’s backpack after school and papers come exploding out. A drawing of your family. A drawing of a mermaid. (Or if […]

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Learning to Love… The Interests of Your Children

Looking back at my own childhood I know there were some toys and things that I was into that I am sure my parents shook their head at wondering “why?” Popples? Garbage Pail Kids? With my own children, I have only started to see some of these phenomenons. Shopkins anyone? Squinkies?  As my eldest daughter […]

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