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No More Guilt for Lazy Days

Mom guilt. As if moms don’t have enough on their plates, now we feel guilty for many choices we make. I’ve felt guilty for letting my kids watch too many Elmo videos. And for them surviving off pancakes and syrup for days. Also for letting them scream through a quick grocery trip to Target while […]

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Put a Record On

I think my success as a parent has already peaked. My toddler now thinks ALL music comes from vinyl records. Being vinyl enthusiasts prior to meeting, my husband and I had a small record collection before having our kids. Over the years, we’ve continued to grow our vinyl library. More recently, we’ve added many Disney […]

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Just a Mom

“So, do you do anything else, or are you just a mom?” Those were the words that came from a fellow woman’s mouth that left me feeling smaller than I’d ever felt before. She didn’t know I was struggling with postpartum depression, or grasping for the remnants of my old self. Or that for 2 […]

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