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That Time I Failed You

Let’s be honest – I fail at motherhood about 100 times a day. Too much Daniel Tiger before school, frozen waffles for breakfast, forgetting backpacks or snacks or water bottles on the way out the door, losing my temper when someone just wanted my attention or just plain having a bad day. I know these […]

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My Baby Isn’t a Baby Anymore

If I get through writing this post without tears streaming down my face, I’ll have impressed myself. See, this is a subject that gets me Every. Single. Time. My baby isn’t a baby anymore. Sure, he’s still little, and of course he still needs me, and of course he’ll ALWAYS be my “baby”. But he’s […]

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Be Kind to Yourself, Mama

Yesterday was one of those cold, brutal winter days where you can’t even take your kids for a walk outside, let alone let them go sledding or build a snowman. We were stir crazy and bored, and I woke up crabby and overwhelmed. My husband, in an attempt to find something fun for us to do, […]

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Why Ya Gotta Be So Cruel?

My almost-4 –year-old started preschool up again last month. When I picked him up on the playground, instead of running gleefully into my arms like he hadn’t seen me in 3 hours, he ran the OPPOSITE direction screaming, “HELP! Get away from me! I don’t want to see you!” like I was a monster coming […]

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You are Enough

Recently I received a text from my best friend, an exhausted but glowing first time mother of a sweet baby boy. I could tell by her message that she was feeling down. Her baby hadn’t been sleeping well, she was feeling anxious about sleep training and guilty that she wasn’t eating more organic foods to […]

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