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Lonely and Alone: Tribeless in a New City

I spent last evening in the company of two incredibly smart, kind women. We drank wine, ate fancy sushi, talked about our families and politics and laughed about our lives. These women are supportive. They are kind. They are funny and silly and successful and encouraging. Their friendships have been a lifeline to me, a […]

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To the Baby I’ll Never Have

This past weekend we hosted our very first garage sale, with tables stacked to the brim of old snow boots, outgrown hats and mittens, swaddle blankets, teeny little onesies pronouncing “Daddy’s Girl” or “Beautiful like Mommy”…Silly, of course, but each itsy bitsy piece a precious reminder of how quickly time passes. I cried. It was […]

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That Time I Failed You

Let’s be honest – I fail at motherhood about 100 times a day. Too much Daniel Tiger before school, frozen waffles for breakfast, forgetting backpacks or snacks or water bottles on the way out the door, losing my temper when someone just wanted my attention or just plain having a bad day. I know these […]

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My Baby Isn’t a Baby Anymore

If I get through writing this post without tears streaming down my face, I’ll have impressed myself. See, this is a subject that gets me Every. Single. Time. My baby isn’t a baby anymore. Sure, he’s still little, and of course he still needs me, and of course he’ll ALWAYS be my “baby”. But he’s […]

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Be Kind to Yourself, Mama

Yesterday was one of those cold, brutal winter days where you can’t even take your kids for a walk outside, let alone let them go sledding or build a snowman. We were stir crazy and bored, and I woke up crabby and overwhelmed. My husband, in an attempt to find something fun for us to do, […]

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