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Mommy Ticket

Mommy Tickets to Encourage Helpfulness

Here is how the scene plays out: “Hey Buddy, can you go grab the babies’ bottles out of the other room?” “Ugh, I was just in there, do I have to? “Yes, it would be really helpful.” “But, Mom…” “Can you please just do what I’ve asked?” “Why do I always have to do it?” […]

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To My Son’s Birthmother

Tonight is the eve of my son’s – OUR son’s – first birthday. As I reflect back on his first year and think of the precious time we’ve been a family, I know you must be thinking of him, too. Right now, he’s sleeping soundly. I can hear his gentle breathe through the monitor from […]

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20 + Ways to Serve this Holiday Season!

From the time Thanksgiving approaches and every day through the New Year, I am giddy with anticipation – family and friends, meals and treats, tree and gifts, lights and decorations, movies and singing, crafts and events, pjs and cocoa! I want my children to suck up every last drop of wonder, magic, joy, and excitement […]

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The Edgewater Spa: Review

The Edgewater Spa just might be Madison’s best kept secret! If you’re not familiar, The Edgewater has been an exquisite Madison staple and VIP attraction since it opened “on the water’s edge” in 1948. However, they completed extensive renovations on the original building as well as added a second tower, spa and wellness center, and […]

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Wisconsin {Anniversary} Getaway: Milwaukee

This past year has been one of the most joyful and exciting, yet challenging and transformative years of our lives, let alone our marriage. It brought with it the unexpected and we passed much of it a mere 20 minutes at a time! But just recently we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary and it was an awesome time […]

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Combatting Decision Fatigue

I’ve become increasingly fascinated with the concept of decision fatigue, of which I am certain I have a severe case. Have you heard of this? It is the idea that constantly making small decisions wears us down to the point that we are hindered in our ability to make larger decisions. There are remarkable studies on How […]

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When Summer Doesn’t Go As Expected

Both this summer and last, I had mile-long bucket lists and high expectations. Things to see and do, day-trips and late nights, adventure and leisure. Once again, the calendar flips to August, the school year is almost upon us, and my list sits gathering more dust than check-marks. This summer, we have two young babies. […]

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In Twenty Minutes This Will All Be Over

The start of this year brought with it our 4th child. In my five years as a stay-at-home-mom, this is the most demanding phase of my motherhood (yet, strangely, not personally the hardest emotionally – but that’s another story). I’ve come face to face with a new level of constant need. The demands persist day and […]

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Summer Reading and Children’s Literature!

As we start making Summer plans, plotting out activities, sports, camps, vacations, and so on, personally, some basic Summer reading planning is an equally high priority. Reading is probably my favorite thing to do with my children. They sit still (a rare feat in itself) and cuddle in close, and I get a front row […]

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chia fresca

Chia Fresca

I’ve seen so many articles on the benefits of drinking warm lemon water in the morning – it seems to be all the rage and we do it at our house! However, there are other ways to enjoy lemon water throughout the day and Chia Fresca is my favorite. As the days get sunnier and longer, warmer and more […]

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7 sanity savers

7 Life with Littles Sanity Savers!

Since our youngest babies are just 3 months apart (and all our kids are 5 and under) people have asked, “How’s it going?” and I must say that overall it is going mostly well. Thankfully, my older boys are quick to pitch in and are shockingly supportive – a five year old can do all […]

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Five minute Freebies

Relishing the “Five Minute Freebie”

This is my first post with the Madison Mom Blog and I’m honored to write here! By way of introduction, I wanted to share what seems most relevant to my life these days – my “Five Minute Freebies.” Prior to motherhood I came to expect small moments as the norm, not a luxury. Something like reading […]

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