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Deciding to Adopt

I can distinctly remember the day my husband and I first discussed the possibility of pursuing adoption. We had been dating for a couple of months. Ha! Now, I’m not sure what the normal “talking-about-kids-while-dating” timeline is, but we knew from very early on that we were on a fast track to the altar and […]

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Dressember: It’s More than a Dress

Have you heard of Dressember? I first heard of it a few years back and have watched as it gained more and more momentum. In just three years as a campaign, what started as one woman’s personal challenge has become an international movement in which thousands of women have come together and raised more than […]

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Advocating for the Orphan

Adoption has changed our lives. It’s made our home so much more full – more colorful, more joyful – it’s made our hearts more full than we could imagine. When my son was placed in my arms for the first time, every doubt and fear was washed away by the flood of certainty that he […]

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~ Evelyn's 1st Birthday: October 2015 ~

Fall: Embracing Rest to Lavish Love

Every season in WI is worthy of adoration– there is so much to enjoy! Okay, winter gets a touch long, but other than that, what I love about each season is how it pulses with expectation and ushers in tradition. But Fall. Oooooh, Fall. You, my friend, are something special. In our home, October launches […]

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Chatbooks: Preserving Family Memories the Easy Way

Have you heard of Chatbooks? They are my new best friend! It is a product that from the moment I found it, I fell in love, and talked (incessantly) to everyone I know about my unending affection for it. You may think I’m being dramatic, HA, I totally am, but seriously they are amazing! There […]

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Fictional Mothers

5 Fantastic Fictional Mothers

Literature is littered with some pretty horrendous mothers, but whenever a book captures the true heart of a mother – one who loves fiercely, serves selflessly, and teaches wisely – it strikes a chord and challenges the greatest mother inside of me. My own mother is one such phenomenal woman and, in her honor, here are […]

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bourbon street

Children’s Books Make Great Souvenirs

My parents didn’t get away much when I was young, however I remember a couple of occasions they traveled and upon their return, they were accompanied by a souvenir selected for each child. They didn’t go over the top, just a trinket or t-shirt signifying their destination (I do remember loving that Door County t-shirt), […]

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Erin Douglas

Support for Erin Douglas

Erin Douglas is a Madison-area wife, mother, and Speech and Language Pathologist (among her many other roles and relationships). The last 6 weeks have brought a devastating turn of life events for Erin and her family and as a community of mothers it is my hope we can rally around them during this time. Here is her story […]

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Mommy Ticket

Mommy Tickets to Encourage Helpfulness

Here is how the scene plays out: “Hey Buddy, can you go grab the babies’ bottles out of the other room?” “Ugh, I was just in there, do I have to? “Yes, it would be really helpful.” “But, Mom…” “Can you please just do what I’ve asked?” “Why do I always have to do it?” […]

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To My Son’s Birthmother

Tonight is the eve of my son’s – OUR son’s – first birthday. As I reflect back on his first year and think of the precious time we’ve been a family, I know you must be thinking of him, too. Right now, he’s sleeping soundly. I can hear his gentle breathe through the monitor from […]

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