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The Blessing of Forcing Myself to Host

I’m not a naturally hospitable person.  I’m friendly and I can easily make conversation, but inviting people into my space doesn’t come easily.  In fact, it is very difficult.  It rattles me.  It stresses me.  I overthink everything and suddenly feel insufficient and frustrated at my lack of skill.  I feel self-conscious as I view […]

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Dating Our Kids

It was my sweet daughter, Lyla who first began asking for my husband to take her on a date.  Lyla grew up watching Daddy come home and whisk exhausted Mommy away to go on a date to an exotic place like Chili’s or Boozie’s Grille (don’t worry, moving to foodie infused Madison has changed our […]

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Mother Donor

No matter what your path to become a mother included (adoption, IVF, pregnancy, birth, etc.), the journey most certainly included bravery. Can you just own it mamas? You are brave. You were brave in the past, you are brave in the present, and you will be brave in the future. Being a mother has required […]

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An Open Letter to My Husband After a Difficult 2015

Dear Sweet Husband, As 2015 comes to a close, I stand with you holding your hand and breathing a sigh of relief. We made it. This year sucked, but we are here and we are together. We are stronger than we ever thought possible, although it is the kind of strength that comes from brokenness, […]

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Putting Myself Out There

As mothers we can be the biggest cheerleaders for our kids.  We see their potential.  We know how close they are to achieving something simple or amazing, so we continue cheering. We keep up the encouragement.  We believe for them when they doubt their own abilities.  We think ahead to their futures and see so […]

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Blog August 2015

How do I Mother an 8 Year Old Dude?

The oldest child is the experiment kid.  We don’t know what we are doing, and every new developmental milestone is another exercise is rookie parenting.  My oldest child is an 8 year old boy named Henry.  Over the last six months I have been caught off guard several times with behavior or comments coming from […]

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