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Create your own in home gym oasis

It is dreary and dark by the time we get home from daycare. Upon entering our house all I want is to do is throw sweats on, hunker down with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. But I know that I will feel better if I continue to stay motivated. I used my resources aka my […]

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Lessons From My Father

Everyone has a story, and that story defines who you are, who you become and can change your perception on life. At the age of 12 my family’s world was rocked.  The person who was the strong leader of our house had a diagnosis… Early Onset Alzheimer’s. I was too young to understand when first […]

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Pure Barre

**Disclaimer: I received free service in exchange for this post – but these thoughts and feelings are my own and I would not write something I did not believe to be true.  Just minutes from my destination and I am having flashbacks of pink and black leotards, tutus and Tchaikovsky streaming through the room. However, […]

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{HELP} My Toddler has an Obsession

My daughter has an unhealthy obsession with squeeze pouches! If it was up to her that would be all she would eat all day long. Yes- they can be healthy depending on the brand and I enjoy the convenience factor, however, they can be costly- especially if your child is like mine and constantly requests […]

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Create a Lasting New Year’s Resolution

{New Year’s resolutions} we all make them… but by February they are a faint memory and for many of us we are not sure what we even proclaimed!  Well this year I hope to put a stop to that connotation.  I want to ensure my resolution sticks all year long and isn’t something I loathe […]

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Fun After 5pm

Monday through Friday our routine pretty much stays the same after work: daycare pickup, drive home, start dinner, eat, play, bath, bed, repeat. From time to time it would be nice to break free from our daily routine. Here is a list of places around Madison that offer activities after 5pm during the week. Go ahead […]

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Inspire Creativity

Van Gogh, Monet, Da Vinci and… (the next artist may be your child)! With cold weather ahead I was looking for more indoor play for my toddler that stimulates creativity. Here are a few fun activities to keep your little one busy and prevent them from using the walls as a canvas. Yes… this recently was a […]

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Be Our Guest

Explore Madison while being a guest in your own city! How often do you recommend places to try and things to see in Madison for other people, yet you only do them when you have company in town? Madison has so many fabulous findings from unique restaurants to a big cat rescue. Break away from your weekend […]

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Jab Cross Jab

As a new mom I have mother’s guilt. I find it hard after being at work all day to hit the gym. When we get home from daycare I don’t want to turn around and drop her off at a gym daycare,  I want to spend time with her. Instead we are taking full advantage […]

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Try Something New!

Can you name one thing that you have done for the first time recently? This was a question that was proposed at our daily huddle at work and I was completely stumped. I couldn’t think of one thing that I had done for the first time in recent months. Let’s see… I gave birth, breastfed, […]

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My Leche Journey

My goal was to breastfeed my daughter until she was one. I am happy to report that I was successful, however, I had no idea what the journey of being a milk supplier would entail once my maternity leave was over. Nipple what… You may have heard the phrase “Nipple Confusion” this was a Greek […]

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