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Gifting to New/Repeat Mamas

Recently I just had my 2nd baby and the love and support from friends and family has been wonderful. With having baby showers with my firstborn I didn’t really expect anything this time around, especially since we had another girl. Even just the smallest of gestures can brighten and aid a new mama and her […]

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10 Fun Ideas for Candid Infant Photos

Time slips away so fast, and even faster when you are caring for a newborn. You realize even though you are up before the sun and possibly haven’t showered, you blink and the day is over. The precious gift you are caring for grows up before your eyes and days and weeks slip on by. One thing I […]

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Why the Rush?

I am at the tail end of my pregnancy, forty weeks this Thursday to be exact. I am uncomfortable, waddling and ready… I think. Being a second pregnancy it seems to have flown by. I have been so inundated with work, my toddler, and running the household that I haven’t had much time. This time around […]

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Delivery Packing 101

As my 2nd pregnancy is close to the end and I am progressively waddling at this point, I realize I need to pack my hospital bag before it’s too late. It has been 3 years since I had do this and I have learned from what I over packed or mistakenly didn’t pack the first […]

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My Daughter Is a Quitter

Toddlers are so confusing- this leads to major frustration for this mama. The most recent example is in regards to dance class. I thought we took all the right steps in partaking in this new extracurricular activity. I was excited that she would follow in her mama’s footsteps. I started dance young and danced different […]

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Confronting My Learning Disability Early

“Mama read to me.”  It’s a daily request that my toddler asks of me. If she had it her way we would read the whole library of books she has. Instead we set a limit and I pray it isn’t the same two books I read the night before… lately it has. She sure does have […]

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A Letter to My Daughter

Dearest Daughter, You have been a pure blessing and joy. How are you already 3?! I know this is only the beginning of my inquiries of where this precious time went. I want you to know you mean the world to mommy and daddy. It feels like yesterday you came into our lives. I remember […]

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Expiring Only Child Bucket List

Its official my daughter will have until the middle of September before she no longer is the only child. She had a nice long run of 3 years hogging the attention but soon she will have to share the spotlight. I want to make the most of our time before a little one changes our […]

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Surviving our 1st Family Road Trip

Driving- the all American travel method and in today’s world an option to avoid inflated airline tickets, pat downs by TSA and 3 oz. toiletries. This past 4th of July, my family set out on a journey through 4 states, 16 hour round trip to Ohio to visit family. So many questions and thoughts popped […]

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Repurpose Jewels

  I love costume jewelry! Statement necklaces are very popular and you can find everywhere. At around $10-20 for a necklace expectations of longevity are irrelevant.  When one of them breaks of course I am bummed but instead of tossing the jewelry have you considered repurposing? Have you lost one of your favorite earrings and hope […]

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