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Just The One

“Just the one.” And there it is… the “look” that always paints a fellow moms face as I respond to her asking how many children I have. An awkward silence trails my response as we try to find a way out of this newly created dead space – her wondering if she should pry further […]

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CLAYMATES…Something Amazing

“Can we read it again?” Ever since our 4 1/2 year old daughter was a baby, she has enjoyed re-reading certain books over and over AND OVER again. As the words become so familiar that they are easily recited from memory, I pull my eyes off of the page to watch her experience the story. […]

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A Letter To My FUR-st Baby

Happily exhausted, I rocked my newborn in her nursery for the very first time. We had just gotten home from the hospital and through the whirlwind of a C-section, learning to nurse and lack of sleep, I hadn’t had much time to think about you… my 10-year old, sweet, spoiled, Papillon dog. Dad had gone […]

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Our daughter and Mr. Mike Moh at Moh's Martial Arts in Waunakee.

Why My Daughter Does Taekwondo

“Time to get ready for Taekwondo!” My daughters eyes light up as she peels off her high heels, crown and whatever princess dress she has chosen to wear that particular day and quickly puts on her little white Taekwondo uniform. Though this has been a “norm” for us twice a week since we started class […]

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Happiness Doesn’t Have Just One Address

Hand in hand, my husband, daughter and I walked into our home for the last time. Our furniture was gone, the pictures that filled our walls packed away. After weeks of putting our things into boxes, the day had finally arrived for us to close a chapter of our lives and say goodbye to our […]

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Light Will Find A Way

Christmas carols blaring, vehicle overflowing with gifts – my husband, 2 year old daughter and I had just set out to head 4 hours north for a solid week of Christmas-ing with our families. This Christmas was extra special because on our way, we scheduled to stop and have our 8 week ultrasound so we […]

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Choosing Life: My Sister, The Previvor

“Is this the right choice?” A knot formed in my stomach as I read the 5:00AM text from my sister who was on her way to the hospital to have her ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus removed. I stared at my phone trying to come up with the right response all while trying to imagine […]

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Photo by Josh Stanz

She Will Be Worth It

We all have one. A moment from our past we wish we could return to. Not to necessarily re-live it, but to give our younger selves a message…. a word of encouragement, advice or to share some of the “if I knew then what I know now” wisdom that we gather as life soars by. […]

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Confessions of a Germaphobe

It was just like any other weekly Target run… I buckled my baby into the shopping cart and stepped a few feet away to grab a handful of disinfectant wipes to vigorously wipe down the cart per usual. As I turned around with both fists full of wipes I saw my sweet little girl stick […]

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Sad background in love, with message on paper as: you make me hurt, a lonesome and despair concept

Goodbye Too Soon

Through blurred tears, I read and promptly deleted the “Your baby is now the size of a lentil!” notification that popped up on my phone as my husband and I silently drove home from the emergency room. We had just experienced our second miscarriage. The agonizing pain and cramping had finally subsided. It was over. […]

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