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I Am That Mom…

Prior to having kids, my husband and I moved throughout our day as I saw fit. I never saw myself as a person that likes routine. I didn’t like things to feel predictable. Fast forward to motherhood, I have become that mom. Yes, I have become the mom that thrives off of schedules and routine […]

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The Beauty In Community

Moving to Madison in 2001 from a small town in northern Wisconsin felt like a breath of fresh air. I remember how amazing it felt to see other faces like mine. It gave me a sense of community and system of support. It was not easy living in a small town where the only faces […]

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The Octopus Life

There is something so empowering about feeling as though you can do it all. Make dinner, get laundry done, nighttime routine with the kids, be productive at your 9-5, and still look fabulous at the end of the day. I think somewhere within the framework of life, we have assumed the role as women and mothers […]

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