5 Tips That Will Make Your School Mornings Less Stressful

It’s hard to believe that our routine-free and summer-loving days are quickly coming to an end and soon our alarms will have to be set earlier to wake up those sweet children. The beginning of the school year is always exciting for everybody and the mornings tend to go smoothly for a while. But we all know that there comes a point when our kids realize that their warm cozy beds feel a lot better than having to wake up and catch the bus on a cold winter morning. If you’re new to the school morning routine or you are one who struggles with them, here is a list of tips that will help you make mornings much smoother.

Speaking from experience, there are many days where the tips listed below were merely thoughts of mine instead of action, and I can tell you, I paid for it. When I put these tips into action, I realized that it causes less stress, less grumpiness for the parents and the child, and there is more time to start the day out with a positive outlook. Children experience a lot of different emotions throughout their school day and the more smooth and positive the mornings are at home, the more emotionally prepared they can be for their day.

Here are some tips to help your morning routine go much more smoothly:

  1. Pack your child’s backpack the night before

Making sure that your child’s homework and folder are ready to go for the next day is important and it deflects any early morning panic. You’ll also want to double check to see if any permission slips need to be returned or if you owe money for any kind of field trip or school activity. Lastly, if your child is riding home on the bus with a friend for a play date, don’t forget to have that note to the bus driver filled out and ready to go, too.

  1. Don’t forget the library book!

Often times your child’s elementary school will have a library day and the school will not allow your child to check out a new book until the old book is returned. Although it’s a quick way for your child to learn to return their library books, running around the house in a last minute panic, three minutes before the bus arrives, is not ideal. Have your child look for their library book and put it in his/her backpack the night before.

  1. Coats, Hats, Snow Pants, and Boots, Oh My!

After our long frozen winter this past season, I can hardly talk about the weather turning cold again. But when it does, being prepared with the gear saves a lot of time and fighting. Some children can put on all of their cold weather gear and not complain. However, if you have a child that has to have everything fit perfectly or he/she won’t walk out the door, you’ll want to pay especially close attention to this tip. Make sure that you do a check off of everything needed such as boots, snow pants, hats, mittens, extra shoes in his/her backpack, and anything else that your child will wear. There is nothing worse than a child screaming and crying because they can’t find their other glove. If everything is ready the night before, it’s only a matter of putting it on.

  1. Pack or prepare for your child’s school lunch the night before.

It’s best to minimize your duties as much as possible in the morning. Nothing’s worse than opening up the refrigerator and pantry and staring blankly at all your food, not knowing what to pack. This can also lead into packing too many repeat lunches, which can frustrate your kids.

  1. Have your kids’ clothes picked out the night before.

Let’s be honest. Kids can be moody and they change their minds a lot. They are much less anxious when they know what to expect. By picking their clothes out the night before, there’s one less decision to be made. Your child can get out of bed, get dressed, and move on with their morning.

If you have experience in morning school routines, we’d love to hear any additional tips that you think would be useful! Happy Back to School!




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  1. Tara
    Tara August 28, 2014 at 4:11 am #

    Great tips Katie! I could not agree more about number 4!! 🙂

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