5 Tips for a Successful {Indoor} Birthday Party

Winter birthdays can be hard! I have a winter birthday and so do my girls. The cold weather is very limiting here in Wisconsin. Growing up, I had always wanted to have an outdoor pool party or camping party, but with a November birthday, I was stuck indoors. My twins also have a November birthday, and recently turned four. While we were stuck inside, due to the eight inches of snow we got a few weeks ago, I think we actually had a really nice party! I’d love to leave you with some ideas that helped me plan a fun party.

*Before I start, I need to put it out there that I enjoy party planning. If I weren’t a teacher, I would plan parties or events. I know it’s not for everyone, so I will try to give ideas for all!

  1. Find a location that can accommodate the people you want to invite.

We hosted the party at our home, which worked for the number of people we had. Other ideas might depend on what kind of a party your child wants and what you can afford. It’s obviously cheaper to do it in your house, but less of a hassle (and maybe more fun) to do it somewhere else like a gym, indoor play area, skating rink, movie theater, indoor pool, bowling alley, etc.

  1. Pick a theme.

When I asked my girls what theme they wanted for their party, they said “FROZEN” right away. This made it very easy for me! I stalked Pinterest for a few weeks and gathered wonderful ideas that people had shared. Having a theme helps with decorating, planning for food, and activities. The theme should depend on your child! How old are they? What are they interested in? Ask them for ideas!

  1. Plan activities.

If you are having a party outside of your house, at a gym for example, then it makes it fairly easy to plan what your guests will do. At the girls’ party at our house, however, I came up with 3-4 activities that the kids could do. I made goop ahead of time and dyed it blue and purple to match my theme. I made an Olaf and the kids played “Pin the nose” on Olaf. They built their own snowmen out of marshmallows and other edible pieces and I had a coloring station with Frozen coloring pages.




We also have an unfinished basement, so we brought the girls’ plasma cars, trikes, and other vehicles to the basement for the kids to cruise around on. I set up a small plastic pool with balls and put a slide into it. This way the kids could keep themselves entertained downstairs after the other activities were finished.

  1. Have food that doesn’t make your life more stressful.

It doesn’t have to be a big meal, but have something to eat! If it can match the theme, great, if not, be practical! What’s easy for you? Thinking about your budget… what works? What doesn’t? How much time do you have? Do you want to cook it yourself or pick something up like pizza? I had some Frozen themed items and then made two pans of lasagna, a red lasagna (beef) and a white lasagna (chicken) and served a big salad with it. Other ideas might be a taco bar, soups or chili that you can throw in a crock pot, pizzas, etc.



  1. Being creative doesn’t have to cost a lot!

Most of my decorations came from Target and the Dollar Store. I took snowflakes that I found from the dollar store and glued them to string and hung them from the ceiling. It made a cool entrance to the kitchen and cost me less than $3. I also used my food as decorations (two birds with one stone) and created a space in our kitchen that was kind of the centerpiece.


The most important thing you can do is to have fun! If it’s starting to stress you out, do something different. If it’s easier to buy pizzas than it is to make something, do it! If it’s easier to have it somewhere besides your house, because you don’t want to clean, do it. The less stressed you are, the more fun your child and your guests will have! What are some cool things you have done to celebrate a birthday? Where have you celebrated?

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