5 Healthy Habits…to transform your 2016

It’s the season of resolutions…again. Some people dread this because it seems no matter how hard we try many all the resolutions we make start out strong in January but by February are lying in heaps in the laundry piles of our lives. Just as habits are hard to break, new habits (to achieve our goals or resolutions) are hard to form and establish. I have always loved new year’s resolutions (although I can count on one hand the ones I have kept in the last 20+ years). Yet somehow it always feels like a crisp, blank piece of paper before me, a new beginning and a chance to start again, which I love.

Here are my five healthy habits that are easy to start and just might help you have a healthy and productive year.

  1. Tech-Free Time – Carve out time each day to be device-free.  It is so easy to be ruled by technology these days…one quick email or text on your phone can turn into a half hour or an hour. Pick a time that works for your lifestyle and daily routine. For me, I put my phone and laptop away before dinner until my kiddos are in bed. I am also planning to stop using my phone as an alarm clock. I’m going to move the charger away from my nightstand to my dresser across the room.
  2. Don’t Say NO to H2O – Water, water, water. I know I don’t always get enough but when I do it’s remarkable how well I feel, the headaches I don’t get and the energy I have. I try to start my day with a glass of water (even before coffee!!!) and keep a large water bottle with me throughout the day.  This seems simple but you’ll be amazed what a difference it makes.
  3. You Snooze, You Lose Win – Sleep is so essential to our physical, mental and emotional health. Maybe a new comfy pair of pjs or an extra fluffy pillow will help reset your sleep. For me it’s important I stick to the bedtimes I set though I admit staying up late is one of my weaknesses. As moms, especially, we learn to function on very little sleep… it’s one of our many superpowers. Yet getting enough sleep really can transform our health.
  4. Feed Your Friendships – It’s so easy as busy, hustling humans to loose track of people we connect with and care about. In 2016 I am making an effort to focus on my friendships and be sure to carve out time to talk to and spend time with my friends. Just a short conversation or mini-vent with a friend does wonders for our mental health.
  5. Get Your Sweat On – Find a physical activity that is right for you. I’m a firm believer that no one way to exercise is the answer for everyone. The best exercise for you is one you like, love or have a passion for because no matter what you’ll stick with it. Maybe you haven’t found it yet, that’s okay. There was a time when running even a mile seemed like painful torture to me but now a three mile run makes me feel so happy, like I can do almost anything. I’m not fast, I’m not good but I’m happy. Find something you want to do for you and not for others, that is the key. Ps. Do your best and ditch the guilt, it won’t help to be hard on yourself.

But in life and in each year there will always be ups and down, dips and valley, big wins and big fails but how we weather the storm… that is what determines our life and our year. So cheers to health and happiness in 2016!


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