Mom Lessons Learned

As a former fist grade teacher, I know birthdays are a big deal. As a mom of a daughter with a summer birthday, I understand the importance of the 1/2 birthday celebration. I ask my daughter what she would like to bring to school for her half birthday. She requests sprinkle cupcakes with whipped frosting. So trying to embrace my newfound stay at home momness, I set out to make homemade cupcakes to send for her 1/2 birthday celebration at school. Now, not just regular cupcakes but the ones you see that are in the ice cream cone. Well, I remember being in elementary school and a little girl bringing in these particular ice cream cone cupcakes. I remember thinking how special they were. I want my daughter to be remembered as the little girl that brought in the ice cream cone cupcakes. Anyway, we visit the store a few days early to pick up all the necessary supplies, most of which we already had at home. The kids have the day off of school and we set out to make our cupcakes. The newly turned 6 1/2 year old wants to help. So does her little brother. He is almost 2. He mostly wants to help because he knows it will lead to eating something or another. I follow this recipe because she wants the cupcakes “with the little sprinkles inside.” The recipe calls for cake flour which of course I do not have. No worries, I find a substitute recipe online. We begin mixing the dry ingredients. So far so good. The 2-year-old is satisfied putting the silicone cupcake liners in and out of the pan. We even made a game of sorting all of the same color liners. Now for the wet ingredients. Once we get it all mixed together I’m thinking to myself that it doesn’t look right. It’s a little curdily. No worries, I’m sure it will be fine, we press on. At this point things start to go south.

The three of us are standing at the kitchen counter surrounded by about 423 other things. In our crowded workspace somehow the bowl holding the wet ingredients tips over, spilling all over the counter and dripping onto the floor. Ok, good. Remember how I was thinking it didn’t look right anyway? Luckily we didn’t lose everything. We clean up the mess and start again on the wet ingredients. However, with this mishap a trip to the store is in order to get more eggs. Now, the town we live in does not have a grocery store, so this will mean packing everyone up and driving to the next town that does have a grocery store. This is turning into an all day project.

At this point the 9 year old walks in declaring she needs a suitcase. Oh, ok. Wait. Why do you need a suitcase? Oh, to play with! Of course.

Back to the cupcakes. We successfully mixed everything up without further incidents. I scoured Pinterest before hand and saw other moms filling the ice cream cones with cupcake batter. This seems like they will tip over and spill everywhere. At this point I’m not willing to take the chance. I remember trying to make these another time and just putting the cone on top of the batter and baking it this way. That’s the method I choose. Into the oven they go. 17 min. later the come out looking lopsided. The 9 year old says they look like ice cream cones not cupcakes. Perfect! That’s the look we are going for. My target audience is 6 so why do I feel so much pressure? I gently peel off the silicone liners taking about 1/2 of each cupcake along with it. Sometimes the whole cupcake popped right out of the cone. No problem! I cut those in half and shove one part down into the cone and gently stick the other half back on top. These are going to be great! Her teacher is going to be so impressed with my baking skills.

By this time it’s approaching lunch and nap time. Time to head to the store. After a search for the two year old’s shoes we realize his has pooped. Of course! Ok, quick change, now to the car. The big girls have the task of keeping him awake until we get there. Cheerleading songs it is. “Give me a G. G! You’ve got your g. You’ve got your g.”

The store we are at is just a small local grocery. They don’t have the powdered milk I needed to make homemade whipped frosting so we grab a few cans of premade frosting, whipped of course, because that’s what’s been requested. We grab the eggs and head back home. This whole time the kids have been asking to try a cupcake. I’ve promised they can try one after lunch. While their Raman noodles are cooking I frost up a few of the ice cream cone cupcakes. During the every so healthy lunch of Raman noodles and peapods the 9 year old declares “I need to learn how to make this!” At least she’s impressed.

I add the purple and aqua sprinkles to the cupcakes and…they look sooo cute.

At this point the entire morning has been lost to cupcakes and I’m beginning to wonder how she is going to transport, essentially, 22 ice cream cones to school. Hmm. I still have at least 12 more to make. Since we ate some with our lunch its really like 18 more are needed. So I ask her in my sweetest mommy voice. “you know, sweetheart I’m worried about how you’ll bring these to school. I don’t want them to fall and get all messy on the way. Would it be ok if we just made regular cupcakes.” She looks at me with her big brown eyes, shrugs her shoulders, flashes a quick toothless smile and says “OK.” That’s really what she wanted to begin with. Lesson learned…at least until the next birthday. Stay strong mamas. You’ve got this!



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  1. Emily March 6, 2018 at 8:41 pm #

    I ordered cupcake cone carrying trays by sending in an order form that I found on the back of a Joy cone box. Love cupcake cones!

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