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An Open [love] Letter to My Doctor

Open letters have been getting more and more attention lately, it seems. Instead of adding onto the angry open letters filling the media, I wanted to put a letter of love out instead. While expecting my third baby, there is one specific person who is constantly on my mind: I’m mourning. It’s been around a […]

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Madison’s Spring Photo Guide

There are countless photo locations and ideas for your spring photos in Madison! Below we have compiled some great ideas from 5 of the best photographers in the Madison area. Happy Spring! Togetherness at sunset. – Katie Garner Photography Overcast days can still produce beautiful images! Don’t worry if it’s not a super sunny day, […]

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“You Are Such a Mom”

The other day I was referred to as being “SUCH A MOM”. This statement was not said to me in a negative connotation at all, rather during a brief encounter with a fellow colleague. The words just rolled off his tongue with no ill intentions but as I walked away from the encounter it made me think. […]

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Childhood Collections

“Sometimes a collection is not just a collection, but a spur to the imagination, to learning and creating.” – Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein This is a snapshot of the recent collections I found almost as offerings on my kitchen counter: Look closely and you’ll see hickory nut casings (that my son was eager to gift me…ants […]

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On Beauty

On a recent Friday afternoon, my son was home from school. He’d been sick on Thursday (fever, chills, lethargy, vomiting… the works!) and while he was symptom free on Friday, he still needed to be home due to the 24-hour-rule. I worked Friday morning while he hung out with my husband who was already off […]

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The Evolution Of Love

I sat there crinkling, smoothing, crinkling and re-smoothing the colored paper in my hands. Willing my tired eyes to focus on the words. The important details of the end of the school year. That was it, she was done with kindergarten…another step on the ladder climbed, another step towards the future. The future with it’s […]

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Your Hand

Dear Son, Today we spent several afternoon hours outside on a spring hike. You held my hand during a large portion of that hike. Today was a day that I will remember for a very long time because you sought my hand so much. Your actively seeking my hand to hold made my heart melt […]

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On Underwear and “Being Old Enough”

Stick with me. I’m going to talk about underwear. I have a pair of polka dotted underwear that has been driving me nuts. This pair was not cut correctly like the rest of the underwear in the package it came out of. (Yes, I buy my undies in a package at places like Target, Sears, […]

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Follow Your Heart

My husband and I are adopting a little boy from China. Yep, check out my bio at the bottom and you’ll see that we’re the ones who already have four boys. And maybe four is enough. Especially since our youngest is already in second grade. While many of our friends are looking forward to more […]

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