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Playing Family Games

Uno, Yahtzee, The Game of Life, Sorry, Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Perfection, etc. Some of those games may evoke strong feelings and vivid memories from childhood. Sorry was my least favorite game in the world when I was child! Chutes and Ladders was the least favorite of the games my son had when he was […]

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I’m Just Not Good At Math

About two months ago, the school I work for (I’m a high school Spanish teacher) had everyone watch a TED talk about something called “growth mindset”. To be completely honest, when we were first told that we would have to watch this and talk to our advisory students (kind of like a homeroom) about it, […]

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Childhood Collections

“Sometimes a collection is not just a collection, but a spur to the imagination, to learning and creating.” – Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein This is a snapshot of the recent collections I found almost as offerings on my kitchen counter: Look closely and you’ll see hickory nut casings (that my son was eager to gift me…ants […]

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