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The Sign of a Healthy Childhood

This spring, my fourth child had an unfortunate incident involving a trampoline that resulted in a dislocated and fractured elbow. It was painful and somewhat traumatic and not at all what we would want for anyone. He needed surgery to repair the damage and has weeks left of being in a splint and some occupational therapy […]

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An Open [love] Letter to My Doctor

Open letters have been getting more and more attention lately, it seems. Instead of adding onto the angry open letters filling the media, I wanted to put a letter of love out instead. While expecting my third baby, there is one specific person who is constantly on my mind: I’m mourning. It’s been around a […]

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Mental Illness Awareness Week

Hey, fellow mom! If you don’t take care of you, no one else will. I’m talking not just about your physical health, but I’m also talking about your mental health. How do you take care of your mental health? That’s between you and your health care provider, of course. Taking care of mental health looks […]

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Being a Granddaughter

My dad’s mom, whose butter paddle front teeth and love of trashy novels and gangly men who tell good jokes I have apparently inherited, died when I was a sophomore in high school.  Twenty-two years later, I still miss her everyday and until just a few years ago, I could remember the smell of her […]

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nonstick stainless

Making the Switch: Non-Stick Cookware to Stainless Steel Cookware

Ease of clean up. Ease of use. Those are the selling points of non-stick cookware. Non-stick cookware is, however, coated with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The most well-known formulation of PTFE is Teflon created by the DuPont Company in 1938. (Like the post-it note adhesive created by a 3M scientist, PTFE was an accidental discovery. If you like science reading, head over […]

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aging quote

Apparently I’m Aging

Carrie Fisher  (famous for being Leia in the Stars Wars films) is currently being criticized by the media for aging. It’s been 38 years since the original Star Wars was released. Of course she’s aged. She’s human. When learning about explorers in elementary school, I learned that in the early 1500’s Juan Ponce de León was […]

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5 Healthy Habits…to transform your 2016

It’s the season of resolutions…again. Some people dread this because it seems no matter how hard we try many all the resolutions we make start out strong in January but by February are lying in heaps in the laundry piles of our lives. Just as habits are hard to break, new habits (to achieve our goals or resolutions) […]

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Waiting room glamour.

Moms get sick, too

Here it is – the time of year when running noses and endless coughs become part of our daily routine. It’s no surprise that with all the nose wiping, food sharing and kisses we moms eventually come down with some bugs ourselves. This winter has brought particularly nasty cases of the flu, upper respiratory viruses […]

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Resolution Worthy Recipes

Happy New Year! Most of us have some resolutions for 2015, whether written down, typed on our phones or in our heads we all have goals and ways we want the new year to shape. Most likely they include ways to be healthy. Maybe you wan’t eat more fruits and veggies or exercise more regularly? […]

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Poop is Stressing Me Out

It’s the four-letter word that no one mentions pre-kids, but holy smokes; it rules your life once you have them. Before my husband and I had our girls, we NEVER talked about poop. These days, especially the last week or so, it’s been all that we talk and think about. So, I apologize for those […]

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