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A Madison Moms’ Guide to April 2017

If you are looking for a guide to keep you and your family entertained, we have got you covered! We’ve started a monthly events guide to be sure you don’t miss a thing happening around the Madison area. Here are this month’s “need to know” activities. The Mombassadors for our Neighborhood Groups organize monthly meet-ups […]

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Stop Sign

Dear Parents: Stop Saying This Word

Recently I’ve been talking to a friend of mine who is in the process of becoming a life coach. We’ve talked about many things, but one of the most eye opening discoveries has been how often I use one particular word. I use it to describe my life from many years ago, I use it […]

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child art

Another Pretty Picture

Children’s artwork. You know what I am talking about. You pick your kid up from daycare – only to be greeted with a stack of original masterpieces done by your two-year-old. You open your kid’s backpack after school and papers come exploding out. A drawing of your family. A drawing of a mermaid. (Or if […]

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My Biggest Discovery While Staying At Home

My Biggest Discovery While Staying At Home

One True Calling?? I’ve never felt like I had one true calling. My problem is I’m interested in too many things. And these things often have little to no overlap in skill sets. Well intentioned friends suggested I may be a renaissance man, or a polymath, and that I’d figure it out eventually. But, the […]

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KELC Kids & Classes-4

Summer on the Farm at Kids Express

If you are looking for quality education in a rural summer setting – you need to look no further than Summer on the Farm at Kids Express in Madison! Summer on the Farm is a wonderful time for children of all ages (6 weeks – 12 years old) and is all about FUN!  Homeroom teachers plan fun, interactive activities promoting […]

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2017 Spring Break Camps and Activities

Spring Break is fast approaching! If you don’t have plans yet, here is a guide to help you stay busy and enjoy your break with the family. While there are several camp options to enroll your kids in, there are also everyday locations definitely worth checking out.  *Be sure to also check our March Activity […]

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Land of Nod, storage containers, image Google search.

Spring Cleaning + Organizing 101

As an organizational enthusiast, I derive great joy from having a place for everything and everything in said place. Knowing where things are saves time. Well thought-out, attractive spaces are nice to look at (Hello, Pinterest and Houzz?) And for me, clear space helps clear my mind. Admittedly, I can take neatness to the extreme, […]

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Donate Bras

How To Donate Your Bras

Awhile back I watched the documentary Minimalism on Netflix. What the documentary is about is pretty self-explanatory, but for myself it was also very inspiring. Prior to watching it I wished our house was bigger so the kids had a larger basement to run around in. Though the survival of winters with kids in the […]

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An Open [love] Letter to My Doctor

Open letters have been getting more and more attention lately, it seems. Instead of adding onto the angry open letters filling the media, I wanted to put a letter of love out instead. While expecting my third baby, there is one specific person who is constantly on my mind: I’m mourning. It’s been around a […]

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A Letter To My FUR-st Baby

Happily exhausted, I rocked my newborn in her nursery for the very first time. We had just gotten home from the hospital and through the whirlwind of a C-section, learning to nurse and lack of sleep, I hadn’t had much time to think about you… my 10-year old, sweet, spoiled, Papillon dog. Dad had gone […]

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