Food Is Our Love Language

Years ago I spent the day canning homemade applesauce. After a full day of labor, my then four year old took one taste of it and shuddered. With a look of pure disgust on his face, he asked me what I had put in it. I rolled my eyes and simply responded, “love.” He looked […]

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A Madison Mom’s Guide to November 2017

If you are looking for a guide to keep you and your family entertained, we have got you covered! We’ve started a monthly events guide to be sure you don’t miss a thing happening around the Madison area. Here are this month’s “need to know” activities. The Mombassadors for our Neighborhood Groups organize monthly meet-ups so be […]

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luci in window

A Penny for Her Thoughts – Raising a Deep Thinker

Children are typically always thinking- it is how they learn and grow. They see things, ask questions for clarification, and generally are learning with every moment. What happens when it goes beyond that though? When your child is CONSTANTLY thinking? I’m not just talking about “why is the grass green” or “how to animals survive […]

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MNO Cover Photo

Moms Night Out: A Spooktacular Halloween Party Preview

We are so excited for our Moms Night Out presented by Middleton Jewelers taking place this Thursday, October 19th at Madison Children’s Museum! Below is a preview of all the fun you can expect at the event! A reminder- ticket sales for this event end Wednesday at midnight. Get your tickets by following the link here. […]

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boy swinging alone

The Guilt Of Three

Mom Guilt is no secret. I’ve had it plenty of times in my three years of momming. I’m sure you’ve had it, too. So many parts of motherhood can be hard. And I’ve heard the adjustment from two to three kids can be similar to the adjustment to one (AKA: ULTRA-HARD). But I didn’t spend […]

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fight mom brain

Use Your Smart Phone to Fight Mom Brain

Exactly 24 hours before my kindergartener’s birthday party, the doorbell rang. I opened the door in the super-glam outfit I wear to bleach my bathrooms to find a mom and her little girl on the front porch holding a present. “Is this Cooper’s house?” the mom asked, giving my ratty clothes and the barking dog […]

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No More Guilt for Lazy Days

Mom guilt. As if moms don’t have enough on their plates, now we feel guilty for many choices we make. I’ve felt guilty for letting my kids watch too many Elmo videos. And for them surviving off pancakes and syrup for days. Also for letting them scream through a quick grocery trip to Target while […]

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women talking

We Need to Talk

A few months ago, I attended a small regional conference here in Madison for the first time, and was not at all surprised to find I was one of very few people of color present, as I often am. The keynote speaker was a former colleague, who was speaking on behalf of the Madison Police […]

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