Don’t Throw Those Out Yet! Upcycling Kid’s Pants

Crunchy pants. That’s what my eldest daughter calls jeans, corduroys, or any other stiff material. Ever since she could really talk about her clothes she has preferred stretchy material or skirts and dresses.  Most kids wear pants for a season, and then they either a) outgrow them or b) ruin them with all the hard […]

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The Grass Is Always Greener: One Day as a SAHM

I didn’t intend to be a stay at home mom. I figured after maternity leave I would happily bounce back to work. Fast forward to a difficult twin pregnancy and my expectations started to change. Then, came comparing my income as a social worker to that of two daycares (HA!). I mostly love being home […]

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The Grass Is Always Greener: One Day as a Working Mom

*Please see Kristen’s upcoming piece for a stay-at-home mom’s perspective.* I’m not the kind of person who needs to work to feel valued, productive, and mentally stimulated. I work to make ends meet and have family health insurance. I would be just as happy and have just as many complaints as a stay-at-home mom. There have been […]

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To the Baby I Never Got to Celebrate

  In my thirties, I resolved to be a better hostess, so I started having more parties. This was hard for me because I generally don’t like messes and am not a naturally welcoming person. Like, someone comes to my house, and my first inclination is to block the entrance with my body and chat […]

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“What’s Your Name?” Another Tale of Speech Delay

We’ve all heard of that cousin that didn’t talk until he was three. Or know of a mom who lost months of sleep worrying about her late talker. We’ve witnessed how a toddler can go from one-word sentences to oh-my-god-he-won’t-stop-talking overnight. But what about the mom who listened to these stories, but things just aren’t […]

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